NCC Home Learning Creative Writing Course Review

A little while ago I was given the opportunity to complete a online course through NCC Home Learning. I was given a list of courses to choose from and finally decided to get a Creative Writing Diploma.

This is the course I completed

I think this website is fantastic. It’s a great way for busy people to gain extra qualifications for work purposes or to get in to a university course. You can choose between paper and online and there are tutors to help you throughout the course.

My course had an online quiz to take at the end implementing all the knowledge I had learned over the course. This, for me, was a great way to assess what I had learned. Being dyslexic I find it quite difficult to write essays etc. so I was delighted when I got 93% on the quiz.

If you don’t thrive working in a schooling environment, this may be an option to help you get the qualifications you need to further your career.

I would highly recommend using this website to further your qualifications and learn either for fun or for progression. Although the prices might look a little intimidating, you can pay in monthly installments and get access to the course as soon as you’ve made your first payment.



Author: Jodie Paterson

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