How To Raise Your Blogging Photography Game

December 14, 2017

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Staying on top of the blogging game is a process that’s always evolving. In a few short years, the bar as well and truly been raised, to the point where professional photography is barely distinguishable from semi-pro blogger produced content, and often treated as the same by big brands wanting to work with key influencers. Blogging has gone from an entertaining hobby to a source of income for many, and now it’s hard to get ahead without a meticulously themed Instagram page. But if you have limited time and budget, and your shooting on an iPhone, how do you improve your photography? Here are some quick and easy tips to get started with upping your blogging photography game:

Find Great Locations

A location can make or break a shot – this is why fashion magazines employ specialist location scouts. And while you may not have considered it a deal breaker, shooting against your bedroom window usually won’t give the most professional look. There are quite a few barriers to overcome here, especially if you plan on using yourself as a model – the weather, curious stares from passers-by and the logistics are hard. But finding quirky locations really is one of the best ways to make your photography more professional.

Learn About Camera Settings

If you do invest in a proper DSLR, it’s easy to assume that having the right kit with automatically make those hero shots happen. But in order to get great things, you absolutely need to get off manual and understand the settings to be able to get the best from a shot. ISO settings determine the light exposure in a shot, so must be adjusted for best results on location, shutter speed controls the sharper focus of a shot and aperture affects things like depth of field. You can access some online tutorials via YouTube or look for a Local Beginners Photography Course near you. This will ensure you up your blogging photography game.

Look for Inspiration

Use your Insta feed to help you up your own game by researching shots that inspire you. If you do a lot of product photography, look for feeds where this is approached creatively. Pay attention to how shots are styled with props like scarves, jewellery and foliage to add background texture and interest to a shot. Magazine photography can also be a great source of ideas and open your eyes to new trends. You can find Pinterest boards dedicated to excellent blog photography too.

Learn About Editing

There’s a lot you can do to improve raw pictures if you learn a few basic picture editing tricks. Programmes like Lightroom can help you to elevate a shot and get a professional finish. Just minor adjustments to lighting and sharpness can make a big difference. Focus on quality over quantity – you’ll take hundreds of images to achieve around five perfect shots. Trust in the impact of your visuals and edit them as tightly as you do the wording. But most importantly, don’t forget to have fun shooting your images – you blog is your passion project, whether it’s a business or a hobby, so make sure you’re enjoying it and the fun will shine through.
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