The Pros And Cons Of Living Alone

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Moving out of your family home and into a home of your very own is an incredibly exciting experience. Sure, you might have lived with some uni mates for a while, but that can’t possibly compare to the independence of living completely alone. However, as exciting as living alone may be, just like with everything else in life, it has its pros and cons. Here they are so that you can be prepared for when you live alone.


Pro – You Can Eat Whatever You Want

When you live alone, you can eat as many takeaways and microwave meals as you like, without any judgement from a parent or a roommate. Your cupboards could be “filled” with two bottles of pure maple syrup and half a packet of stale crackers, and it wouldn’t matter. Why? Because you only have to feed yourself.


Con – There’s No One To Tell You To Eat Properly

Of course, this might be great at first, but after a while, eating badly is going to have its effects. You could start to gain weight, get breathless, feel fatigued, and develop acne. Even when you live alone, you need to think about what you’re eating and ensure that it’s a balanced diet, or you could get sick.



Pro – You Can Have Friends Over Whenever

When you live with someone else, it’s always polite to check with them if you can have guests over, no matter how long they’re going to be there. When you live alone, your friends could stay for an hour, a night, or a week, and it wouldn’t make any difference to anyone but you.


Con – You Have To Do All The Cleaning

The phrase “many hands make light work” definitely applies to cleaning your home. Unfortunately, when you live alone, you don’t have many hands; You have two. This means that all of the chores fall to you to get completed, and so will stack up if you’re a procrastinator.

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Pro – You Can Decorate However You Like

There is nothing more fun than decorating a new home, especially when you can completely do it to your style and taste (as long as your landlord says it’s okay).  You can’t do this with a roommate, as you need to consider what they want and like too.



Con – You Have To Pay All Of The Bills

One of the main reasons why people get roommates or live with their parents, is because they just can’t afford to live alone. When you do, you are financially responsible for everything; This means that the bills for the gas, electricity, broadband, tv, water, rent, and anything else is down to you and you alone.
Living alone is great, but it can be too much for people if they don’t understand how much responsibility it’s going to be. If you feel like everything’s getting on top of you, don’t be embarrassed; Talk to someone. Living alone can also be incredibly lonely, so make sure to speak to the ones you love if you’re struggling.


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