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Blue Monday

January 15, 2018

“Blue Monday” is normally on the third Monday of the month and is considered the most depressing day of the year. The term was first publicized in 2005 when Sky Travel claimed to have calculated the date using an equation. Scientists consider the formula nonsensical. In my opinion, it’s merely another fake holiday used to con people into spending money on booking holidays.

Pinning depression to one day of the year is nonsensical in itself, never mind the formula. Just like a dog isn’t just for Christmas, Depression isn’t just in January. Depression is a year-round illness that can be so difficult to shake. “Blue Monday” better refers to the comedown after the excitement of Christmas where people are broke and back at work. This isn’t depression, it’s reality.

To be fair to travel companies, it’s the PERFECT way to get people to book a holiday, when they’re back at work feeling lousy that they no longer have the luxury of sleeping in and eating chocolate for breakfast (just me? Oh). The “depression” is being back at work and everything getting back to normal. I think it’s more that life has become mundane rather than depression.

I have depression and I am controlling my illness. This doesn’t stick to one day, this is year-round and there are many things I do right now to ensure I can get up and do things with my day.

Walks On Blue Monday

I’ve started walking after work to stretch my legs and get some exercise. Not only is exercise good because it releases endorphins, but it also helps me clear my head. It helps me ground myself and I go home happier for the next day.

Taking Time For Myself

Recently I’ve stopped making plans at weekends so that I can get a proper break from everything. Taking one or two days to myself helps me recharge and actually rest. This won’t be forever, just until I’m a bit better but it definitely helps.

Eating Better

This is a fairly new one, as I got really lazy with food when I was really bad with my anxiety and depression, but even the action of cooking can make me feel better because I’ve accomplished something. I’m trying to eat healthier for my body and my mind. Junk food will weigh you down and make you feel groggy. I’m also trying to eat at better times, I used to eat at around 9pm every night, but that made me sleep worse due to having excess energy.

Those are my thoughts on Blue Monday with some added advice on how to cope with mental illness. What do you think of Blue Monday? How do you cope with your illness? Comment below and share your opinions.

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