5 Tips For Starting Your First Job

January 20, 2018

Starting a new job can be nerve-wracking, scary, and very very daunting especially if you’re starting your very first job and you’ve never had to go through it all before. You have to meet new people, take on new challenges, get used to a new environment and learn so many things – and that’s just the first day! I’m sharing my top tips for surviving your very first day at your first job.

Turn Up To Your First Job On Time

This one sounds obvious, but what I mean is don’t turn up too early because the receptionists won’t know what to do with you if you turn up before your new boss. Obviously don’t be late, that would be a bad first impression to make. Turn up just on time, or a few minutes early, but don’t be half an hour early.

Show You’re Willing To Learn

Ask questions about the things you don’t know, ask for a copy of manuals you might need. This will show that you’re keen to learn the work, but it will also make you feel less “thrown in the deep end” when you’re put out in the front line of your job. Bosses will take note of your initiative.

Be A Team Player

If you show that you’re willing to help not just yourself but other people in your team this shows initiative and it will be picked up on. Not only will it make for a happier work experience for you, but will also show you’re not selfish.


Now this isn’t the most important one, but it can often help to have “work pals” when you’re having a rubbish day at work. If you talk to your coworkers you’ll feel like you settle in sooner and, well, it breaks the ice.

Remember That Everyone Has Been In Your Position

It will be daunting walking into a room of strangers and being the newbie, but believe me, they probably want to make it easier for you as well because they’ve had their first job at some point too. It’s scary, I know, but if someone looks free just go up and introduce yourself. The worst that can happen if they’ll tell you they’re busy.

So those are my top tips to starting work for the very first time. Have anything to add? Comment below and share your tips!

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