Sense A Change In The Blogosphere? Expanding Your Blogging Horizons

January 24, 2018

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We all need to find ways to learn and grow. When we are running a blog that is well-established, or we’re finding our feet with a new blog, the temptation is to stick within our remit and stay the course that is plotted. It’s safer after all! But while this is sensible information to live by, does it expand your horizons? Well, no. To get your blog out there is the goal because even if you have healthy numbers right now, will they always be so healthy? Here are some ways to work on expanding your blog in a healthy and organic manner.

Have A Makeover

If you’ve been using the same old web designs and you find that the content is beginning to retread the same old ground, you should consider changing the look of the platform it is on. The content can certainly look different when you’ve got more eye-catching imagery to set it to. And you can always get new writers, but when money is an issue, overhauling the website would work out cheaper. If you plan on giving your blog a complete makeover, changing the content style and the entire look of your website, a loan for small business issues such as these would be a solution to consider. Money is a big problem, and when the livelihood of your blog, as a blogging business, is under threat, you’d better start making some solid investments, even if you don’t have the funds!

Get Engaged With The Influencers In Your Field

With Twitter and LinkedIn, you’ve potentially got access to the top-tier performers in your industry, and one endorsement from them could change your blog forever. Gaining traction and becoming an influencer within your industry is always a goal to aspire to, so it’s vital that you begin engaging with people, products, companies, and anyone who will listen. If you reach out to people for an interview, or for tips, they may return the favor by recommending your blog on theirs, which will drive traffic no end!

Is Your Content Stale?

It’s a valid question; this problem can be solved by hiring new content creators, but does your blog feel like it could do with a few changes? You could start on vlogs or other outreach methods. This can help you to give the blog a bit of rejuvenation, and by mixing up the platforms, and throwing in a video here and there, this could be enough to bring new followers your way.

Stay On Trend

This is something you should be doing regardless, but the world moves so fast that it’s difficult to keep up. Invest in a competitor analysis tool to find out what is trending, and what topics or keywords are trending in your industry. It’s simple, and it’s a great way to remain relevant in the blogging world without scouring the news!

Your blogging horizons can be never-ending, but you’ve got to have the ambition to keep pushing your blog. If you want success, much like anything else, you’ve got to learn and develop.

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    OMG that’s a mouth not 1 word on depression or help !” We must feel betterd now so all you wasters go away

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      Sorry, Have I offended you?

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    Yes push your blog learn an develop to forget !

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