Company Review

February 2, 2018

The Aberdeen Arts Centre invited me along to see Derek Anderson’s direction of Company starring some major names from the west end. As Company is my favourite ever musical I absolutely jumped at the opportunity to see it again, and in my home town as well! To have such a large scale production at my local arts centre is so inspiring and motivating to me.

My partner and I got to the venue to find friendly and helpful volunteers who very kindly showed us where we were meant to go (as we’re neeps and would get lost in our own flat). We were greeted with smiles and prosecco which always makes for a good night. I’ve always found The Arts Centre to be a cosy, warm and welcoming place even from a young age. I used to attend drama classes there so it holds a special place in my heart.

Company will be running from February 1st 2018 – February 10th 2018 at The Aberdeen Arts Centre. Tickets cost £26/£24 and you can get them here.

The musical is based on the book by George Furth, and the music and lyrics were written by the legendary Stephen Sondheim. It was originally produced and directed by Harold Prince on Broadway. It opens with Robert’s 35th birthday party where all of his married friends are wondering when he’ll settle down and get a wife and it goes through his scattered relationships and friendships with people.

Derek Anderson returns to his hometown to direct this spectacular musical after his success with Cabaret and The Pillowman at the same venue. All I can say is he’s a very talented man who brings visions to life for impressed audiences. His direction of Company was genuinely one of my favourite portrayals of the musical I have ever seen. He made full use of the space he had and brought a spectacular show to our local arts centre.

Oliver Savile took on the role of Robert and, for me, brought new life to a character I’ve loved for years. This may have been my favourite portrayal of Robert that I’ve seen live on stage. I got goosebumps when he sang the closing song “Being Alive”, to take on such an iconic song and pull it off the way he did is something to be commended.

The entire cast was full of talented people who did a really great job of supporting Oliver Savile in his leading role. There wasn’t one cast member who let the production down, every single actor was well casted and played the characters in a believable and lovable way.

Don’t miss out on this show. It truly is one of the best musicals ever written and you don’t have long left to secure your tickets. The Aberdeen Arts Centre will welcome you warmly and you’ll get a fantastic show.


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