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February 13, 2018

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With Valentine’s Romance firmly in the air, it’s around now that social media will start getting flooded with selfies of their romantic life… and for many unmarried couples, this week will be the week where their partner pops the question, but don’t do it!

In the same spirit of this post that points out a number of reasons why we shouldn’t all be jumping on the Valentine’s bandwagon, this article aims to elaborate a little more on Valentine’s Day and why popping the question at this time of year most not be in your best interest.

Firstly, let’s look at what a proposal is…

At its core, an engagement proposal is nothing more than a committed promise; an intention to be together forever.  It’s something private and sacred between two people that psychologically adds a layer of additional commitment, but has no legal impact.  In some ways, it’s a gesture that is used to exclaim to the outside world that two people are committed to each other.

Whilst he symbolism of engagement rings, such as those found at are very prominent in today’s society, with people encouraged to spend 2-3 times their monthly salary on an engagement ring, the reality is that you are exchanging a private promise that holds enormous weight between the two of you and is an indicator of your commitment to the external world.

However, for some reason, the paradigm of many people is that a proposal has to be up the Eiffel tower, on a fancy tropical beach, or at the most expensive local restaurant – when in truth, all of these options are just a little cheesy!  This brings us onto Valentine’s Day and proposing around this time of year. Don’t do it!

Valentine’s Day isn’t a public holiday despite being celebrated in many countries around the world for almost 2,000 years… and whilst many consider Valentine’s Day to be nothing more than a commercially driven affair, its roots are found within ancient religion.  

The point, is that this has very little to do with you and your special someone.  Indeed, jumping on the cliched bandwagon of proposing at Valentine’s Day could blow up in your face – because it should be personal, intimate and sacred… not sat in a restaurant on the busiest night of the year, crammed in with other couples, listening to your conversation.

A proposal should be much more tailored to you and your partner; whether that’s taking her back on your first ever date… creating a pamper evening with products from… cooking her favourite food and eating it outdoors under the stars… or leading her to her favourite beach, blindfolded, where you have a campfire and picnic waiting.  

The last thing a proposal should be is a cheese fest!  Meaning, if you have plans to propose to your partner on Valentine’s Night in some fancy restaurant thinking that just because you have an expensive engagement ring – it will sweep her off her feet, think again… as your proposal might be much better received in a more personal and private setting where you’ve truly paid attention to your partner’s tastes, preferences and interests.

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