25 Things Before 25

March 16, 2018

Having just been through a “quarter-life crisis” I am now setting myself goals to complete before I am 25. That gives me 2 and a half years to complete everything on the list – which definitely sounds like a lot more than it is. Why am I doing this? So that I ACTUALLY do more with my life and have goals to help keep me going.

  1. Learn How To Cook

This is something I often leave to my partner because I am 1. too lazy and 2. don’t really know how to do it myself. Before I am 25 I want to be able to make all my meals myself.

2. Learn to speak another language

My partner and I want to learn German so by the time I am 25 I want to speak at least one other language other than English.

3. Learn To Worry less

I worry about every single little thing to the point that even going to the shops can stress me out. By the time I am 25 I want to have cracked down on this and bring my worry down to the bigger things.

4. Take More Risks

I am not a natural risk taker. Like really, staying out past 10 give me heart palpitations. Taking more risks will also bring me new opportunities which is something I want.

5. Make more time for friends

This is something I am bad at, as I can get quite caught up in my career, but it’s important to take a break and make room in your schedule for friends.

6. Find My Dream Job

This isn’t just finding a job, it’s figuring out what I actually want to do with my life. I need to find what I want to do for the rest of my working life and work towards that.

7. Write A Book

This is an obvious one, but I love writing and find it very therapeutic so writing a book is a no brainer for me.

8. Visit At Least 3 Different Countries

As I now run a travel blog I have completely absorbed the travel bug and want to travel to so many places I’ve never been before. Hopefully by 25 I can scratch off 3 more places.

9. Save Money

I haven’t quite had the chance to build up savings yet, but I hope that by 30 I have been able to save enough money up to be comfortable.

10. Write, Perform and Direct a Play

Okay, I have *kind of* already done this one, but I want to have a show at the Edinburgh Fringe before I am 25 (and hopefully before I am 24).

11. Learn To Swim

I can swim, but not well. So I want to learn how to swim well, because you never know when you might need it.

12. Learn to Play an Instrument

Probably Ukulele, but I want to be proficient in at least one instrument before I reach 25.

13. Get Better At Social Media

This is something I need to be working on. Although I am good at running my OWN social media, I’d like to be able to run other social media accounts for other people.

25 Things Before 25 (2)

14. Start A Drama Group

As an adult who is interested in amateur theatre I’d love to give other adults with the same interest a chance to be involved in Am Dram as part of a drama group I have set up. This is a dream I’ve always had, but I’d like to make it a reality by 25.

15. Buy A Flat/House

This is an obvious one, but I’d love to have bought a house or flat by the time I am 25, somewhere I can make my very own and renovate to my hearts content.

16. Live In A Foreign Country

I want to experience a new culture and live in a totally different world. I want to learn the language from the locals and learn what it’s like to live somewhere other than the UK.

17. Start a Business

This is a goal very little people who know me will know about, but I want to at some point in my life start my own business.

18. Be Involved In A Protest

If nothing else, I want the experience of standing up for a cause I truly care about.

19. Be a Nicer Person

This is something I want to start trying now, but be nicer to people. Treat others how you’d like to be treated.

20. Have a Balanced Diet

This is something that learning to cook will help with, but I aim to have a much more balanced diet by the age of 30 for health reasons.

21. Let Things Go

I want to stop holding on to petty grudges and just get over things.

22. Spend More Time With Family

This is because I feel like I sometimes take them for granted, however also because they make me relax and keep me humble.

23. Have a More Successful Blog

I intend to do this by working on my 2 blogs and making them the very best they could possibly be.

24. Sort Out My Bed Time

Yeah, I tend to go to bed way too late on “school nights” and this is something I want to get a grip on.

25. Go Back to University

University, for me, is an experience I didn’t enjoy the first time around because I picked the wrong subject. I want to go back and get a degree in a subject I absolutely adore.

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