4 Years Of Blogging

4 Years Of Blogging

When I started this blog I had no idea what I was doing, my writing was sloppy and rushed and to be honest I was mostly doing it to write film reviews when I was at college studying film. I fell in love with the writing though, and turned the blog in to something bigger and better. Here I am 4 years later, still blogging, still writing, but with so much more experience under my belt. I’ve drifted away from reviews and established as a lifestyle blog.

I can’t believe it has been over 4 years now since I started this blog. It feels as if I’ve always had this blog here, my little security blanket in a world of uncertainty. I honestly don’t know what I would do with out my blog now because it’s become such a huge part of my life and even contributed to my freelance career. 4 years doesn’t sound like a lot, but in those 4 years I have done so much, I graduated college with a HND, I graduated University with a BA and I started my first full time job at my local newspaper.

The best thing about it all is some of you, my readers, have been here from the very beginning. You’ve followed me as I have grown from a teenager in to a young woman, you’ve followed me as I have tried to find my feet in the blogging world and stayed to support me once I found my niche.

There are some important and incredible things that will be happening in my life this year, and my blog will be right there for me to document it all. I am always and forever thankful that I have a platform to share my thoughts, feelings and worries on and have the opportunity to make a positive difference on someones life. I am blessed to be part of such an honest and bold community.


Jodie Paterson

I’m Jodie Paterson, a 22 year old blogger from Aberdeen, Scotland who is passionate about blogging, writing, social media and photography. Along with blogging photography has become a huge passion of mine and you can often find me off somewhere trying to get the best shot to post on my blog.

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