Day 2 #BlurtSelfCareathon : Obstacles

This is very prominent in my life at the moment. Obstacles. For me these are the things stopping me from progressing in my life. The money issues stopping me moving city, the fears stopping me from progressing my career, the doubts stopping me from sending my writing to others. Obstacles both within and outwith myself are so hard to get over.

In the past my obstacles have been mundane things like getting over my fear of buses, finding a way to get in to work every day when I was depressed, getting over stage fright. Now these were all hard, but I got through them stronger and better. The difference between these and the obstacles I am currently facing is that these were all internal obstacles that I could deal with myself.

Unfortunately most of the obstacles I have now are external meaning that I really don’t have all that much control over them and that’s the most frustrating thing of all. There is nothing I can do myself to take control of them. Fears I can deal with, doubts I can get rid off, but money and career progression are both kind of out of my hands, I can’t just give myself a raise, make my bills cheaper or give myself a job, I have to wait for other people to make those decisions on my behalf or just deal with the reality of the situation.

But you know what? I won’t let it stop me in my tracks. My ambition won’t be hurt by obstacles, only fueled. I’ll set my fears aside to achieve what I want and no obstacle will stop me. Not even the ones set by myself. Opportunities will come and go, but I will always be sure to do what’s best for me even if there is a huge roadblock stopping me in my tracks.


Author: Jodie Paterson

I’m Jodie Paterson, a 23 year old Edinburgh based blogger who is passionate about blogging, writing, social media and photography. Currently studying Events Management at University, blogging still remains a large hobby of mine.

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