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Why You Should Consider Therapy

April 17, 2018

Therapy has a certain stigma tied to it that I’ve never understood. Society has made us feel shame for wanting to better ourselves or heal ourselves when in reality it can only make us better people. Here’s the deal: mental illnesses exist, and there is no shame in admitting you have one, but here’s something else: you don’t HAVE to suffer with a mental illness to sign up for therapy. Anyone can go and at any time. This is why you should consider therapy.

You can use therapy for help with trauma, bereavement and so much more. That’s the thing, it’s on your terms. You don’t have to answer any questions you don’t want to, or talk about difficult things until you’re ready to. I 100% recommend signing up for therapy even just to try it because you could uncover things you didn’t even realise were bothering you, or affecting your mental health.

For many people therapy is that first step to getting out of a slump. Getting it all out with someone who actually listens could be all you need to get you out of a depression. Everyone is different and I’m not saying it will definitely work for you, but I am saying you should consider it because you never know how much something can help until you try it out for yourself. No matter what is going on in your life I think therapy is a good consistent to keep things feeling less stressful and keep you feeling relatively sane.

My personal and recent experience with therapy isn’t particularly positive and I no longer attend therapy sessions, however I relied on them when I was at school. That hour session where I could just forget my worries and focus on myself for a bit was essential to me getting through my week at school, especially when exams were coming up. I would actually, if you are a parent, encourage your teenagers to consider therapy as well.

The best time for therapy is when you’re under a lot of stress. I tend to use it when I am going through exams, moving flats or having other problems that cause me stress. It’s kind of like down time for me where I can relax and forget about the stresses in my life. It can also help you put everything in to perspective when things seem a little bit overwhelming.

Life is stressful. Focus on you. Don’t let stigma stop you from being your best self and getting the help you need and deserve. Stop telling yourself it won’t help you just because you’re too scared to try it. What is the worst that can happen? You try it once, don’t like it and don’t go again. They say you should try everything once, and I stand by that. Therapy is no exception.

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