Day 4 #BlurtSelfCareathon : Snuggle

Yes. I have 100% failed with this project. I should be on day 19, but alas I am still on day 4. I do, however, want to continue with the project as I have freed up some time to get on with it so you’re just going to have to deal with the fact that I am late with it and that it will continue in to May…So snuggles. Are they not just the best thing ever? There is nothing better than snuggling in to your quilt at the end of a hard day, or snuggling with your partner/friends when you’ve been feeling lonely. There is no better way to release oxytocin than a good old trusty snuggle.

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The best part of my day is going home and getting a snuggle from my partner. It’s cozy, comforting and makes me feel quite a bit better about life. It’s great for my mental health because it releases oxytocin AKA the love hormone that is proven to help with mental illnesses, but often ends up in me having an impromptu nap because it really is very very cozy. You know what though? I think our bodies tell us what we need. If we fall asleep on the sofa after watching a film that’s our bodies telling us that we need to sleep. If we get dizzy after not eating all day, it’s out bodies telling us to eat.

In my experience the best snugglers are lap dogs. They are always up for snuggling up to you and pinning you down for snuggles. Everyone knows you can’t interrupt a doggo snuggle for anything, and you know what? They are so therapeutic. They help you relax when you’re stressed, they make you feel better when you’re sad and they make you feel loved where you maybe feel neglected.

If you are feeling a little bit low and unloved why don’t you organise a “snuggle and films” day with your friends. Bring quilts, blankets and pillows up to your living room, create a fort and snuggle up watching films. Trust me your friends will be more up for this than you think (I would be…just saying). This can be a relaxing thing to do after a stressful week.

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