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Home improvements is the absolute biggest part of buying a flat or a house, but it can also be quite stressful trying to organise it all in an affordable way. I’ve never had to do it myself yet, but saw my mum go through it and imagine that it is in my future too. I have a set image of how my dream home will look and I intend to work until I can get that (once I have a place that I own anyway). As I currently can’t afford to buy a home at all so all of my plans are for way ahead in the future and fairly ambitious, but I am sure it’ll all work out in the end.

If I was to do anything to the flat that I’m in now I would move the rooms around a bit so that my kitchen and bathroom would have windows, because currently they don’t and I don’t know about you, but I love having natural light in my home particularly in my kitchen and living room. I also like having cool fresh air coming in to my bathroom when I come out of the shower because it makes me feel more refreshed.

I’d also make my kitchen bigger because my partner and I end up having to send the other out of the room because we’ve run out of space. My dream is to have a kitchen with an island in the middle and marble worktops and silver appliances and a bathroom with a stand-alone bath and a separate shower shower. I want quite a big window in both my kitchen and my bathroom for natural light and fresh air to brighten the place up and make it an overall more inviting place to visit.

Built in storage is important for me, so I would definitely get built in wardrobes in my bedroom and a large cupboard area in my hallway with shelves. In my living room I’d get a DVD/Book case built in to the wall for convenience. It also saves me clogging the room up with furniture. In my current living room I have a built in cupboard which I love and would definitely get built in to my own place too. I’d get extra drawers/cupboards fitted in to my kitchen for all of my partners kitchen equipment as he wants to be a baker.

I would like a dining room with bifold doors looking out to my garden for when guests come over. This makes it convenient for barbecues or general parties because you can just open them and go out instead of looking out the window and then trekking to the front or back door. It would be good if I got a dog (that’s the dream) as well because we could just open the doors and keep and eye on the dog in the garden. It also keeps it bright and airy which I love. If you’d like bifold doors and don’t know where to start I’d recommend a company called Direct Bifold Doors, you can find out more about them if you click here.

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