The Rise of “Craft” Products

May 9, 2018

In the past few years, we have seen a massive rise of new companies producing more and more craft products such as beers or coffees which are now accessible in many different specialist cafes all over the UK. This is great because it shows that we are starting to care more about what we’re consuming and because we are supporting people’s passions. It shows that mass production isn’t everything and we still value specialist products. Not only has this produced more jobs, but it’s also made more exciting prospects for someone to experiment with their passions.

The next big thing on the rise, thankfully for me, is craft chocolate. Oh, chocolate, my best friend and comfort food, boy am I excited for more craft chocolate bars in my future. As I’m not the biggest fan of beer or coffee I have mostly been admiring from afar at how much the range has been growing in the market and letting my partner enjoy them on my behalf. What I am loving most, though, is that people are now able to turn their passion for creating into a profitable trend meaning they can turn their passions into their jobs which is something I am still working on doing, but we’ll see how that works out…

When I was in Berlin I visited a craft chocolate shop and I genuinely thought that I was in heaven. There were incredible sculptures of landmarks in Berlin made out of chocolate and you could tell that the people making them put so much love in to their chocolate making. You could see that every single chocolate bar in the shop was an experiment with different flavors, shapes etc. To be able to wake up every day and do something you love is a dream that few achieve, never mind having other people involved every single day. These types of businesses are also on the rise in the UK though.

If you’re consuming chocolate, wouldn’t you rather support local businesses and have something made with love rather than the alternative mass-produced chocolate? I know I certainly would. So what is craft chocolate exactly? Well, they tend to be made with healthier and more natural ingredients, so it’s not like the normal chocolate you have every day. It’s an art form rather than a production and the chocolatiers put special focus on the taste, origin, and quality. This can also be translated as Craft chocolate is 100% better than other chocolate. You can find out more about craft chocolate at Craft Chocolate UK

So why should we be excited about craft chocolate? Well, you get a tastier product made with love, more time is spent perfecting the product, you’ll, more often than not, be supporting a local business and well wouldn’t you rather take something made with passion and love than something produced by machines? I know I certainly would. It’s healthier for you, your kids, and your family, and people will really appreciate you introducing them to something better than supermarket junk foods.

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