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How Therapists Can Help You

May 17, 2018

It’s mental health week and I want to talk a little bit about therapy and psychologists. Therapy can be a really scary word, especially if you’ve never experienced it before, but it really doesn’t have to be. Over the years therapy has become a dirty word that people judge you for bringing up and instead they rely on their own support networks to get over their difficult times. Therapists are there to help you with your problems and counsel you. Psychologists are also important when it comes to mental health as they are often used to diagnose mental disorders, you also shouldn’t be afraid of psychologists because their diagnosis could potentially change your life for the better.

So why shouldn’t you be afraid of therapy?

It’s all confidential

Unless there is cause for concern on your safety a therapist is not allowed to discuss what you tell them with anyone else. It is 100% safe and confidential and they will advise you in the best way they can.

You can use it as a release

If you’ve had a hard time and don’t feel like you can discuss it with your peers a therapist if the perfect way to get everything out and actually be listened to with no judgment and gain some experienced advice.

Your Therapist Is There to help

Have you been feeling like a burden to people? I know I do on my worst mental health days. Therapists won’t see you as a burden. They are there to help you and advise you on your issues, so use it.

You don’t need to talk about anything you don’t want to

You’re there because you want to be meaning that you don’t have to talk about anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or that you don’t want to. You control the conversation and they will give you advice based on your worries.

It’s all about YOU

Sometimes we need to focus on ourselves and be a little bit selfish, and therapy is the perfect opportunity to do so. It’s an hour (or so) where you get to talk about yourself and your interests. If you wanted you could spend the whole time talking about your entire life history. It’s up to you.

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