A Couples Shower: The Modern Approach To The Pre-wedding Planning

May 23, 2018

pre-wedding planning

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Have you heard of a couple’s shower? For the modern couple who are trying to stay away from traditional parts of wedding planning and celebration, this is a great way to celebrate your union. It’s a great combination of practicality, but also a fun pre-wedding planning activity! It’s a great way to get you started off with the basics you will need after the big day but also gives you the opportunity to meet your partner’s friends and family that you haven’t had a chance to meet yet. So, when it comes to throwing a couple’s shower, also known as a Jack and Jill shower, what are the best ideas, and what can you do to ensure it goes off a treat?

Do you want a theme?

It’s pretty much up to you because it’s your event that you’re planning! If you want a theme, it helps to give the party some extra focus. And as people are going to be bringing gifts for you and your partner, a theme helps to tailor these gifts to your specific interests or needs.

Who should you invite?

These types of showers are usually intimate affairs and revolve around the family and close friends of the bride and groom. But ensure that everyone you invite to the couples shower is also invited to the wedding because this could cause issues come the big day. It’s a fantastic way to get everyone together, but it’s not always practical. However, when everybody gets together before the big day, it helps to make the wedding itself more relaxing. More people know each other, and as a result, there’s a lot more banter and livelihood.

Anything else with planning?

If you have any concerns about people mingling (or not as the case may be) think about the type of event you want to hold. Events like these are a big party, and so, treat it as a trial run for your wedding reception. You could hire a Booth Boy and get people to pose for pre-wedding photos, or get a karaoke machine. The idea behind doing this is to get people together that you haven’t seen for a long time. And while it’s not always practical to have people coming to the couples shower as well as the wedding, if you send invites out early enough, this is going to make life a lot easier. Of course, there are concerns about money when it comes to pre-wedding planning a couple’s shower, and this is why it’s best to hand over the duties to a confidant of the bride or groom. These types of events can cost a lot of money, and so if you do have any financial concerns, but still want to throw this party, you can make it as low key as you want.

Not many people do a couple’s shower or pre-wedding planning because it can feel like a trial run for the wedding. In essence, it is, but it’s a great way to ensure that your wedding guests on the big day have a better time. You’ve been to weddings where you’re sat in the corner on your own in, but by having a smaller, intimate affair, where guests have the opportunity to mingle, in a more relaxed setting; this is a great modern way to celebrate your union.

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