Why Free Dating Sites Are Great

May 30, 2018
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In this day and age, it can be so hard to meet someone the “traditional” way due to basically living behind screens 90% of the time. This can prove difficult for the lonely people who don’t even know where to start with dating, never mind not having a way to meet someone. This is where free dating sites come in. They prove to be a quick and easy way to meet other singles who have similar interests to you. If you’re unsure about whether you want to join a free dating site¬†read my advantages below.

This is what I experienced with online dating myself, I met my partner through a free dating site and would recommend it (and have on many an occasion, too many of my friends) to anyone seeking a new partner or just looking to get back into the dating game. In terms of free online dating, you can also explore sex sites that aren’t for me personally but can be good if you’re not looking for anything serious.

The most important thing to remember is that the dates can be on your terms, don’t meet anyone you don’t want to meet, don’t feel obligated to give them anything on the date and best of all remember what you’re looking for and don’t settle for someone that doesn’t make you happy. Other than that, my advantages of online dating are listed below.

  • It cuts back on nerves

    • It can be so nerve-wracking meeting someone you know absolutely nothing about, but with a free dating site, you get to know the person before even seeing them in person. This can help you prepare conversations and relieve you of those pesky nerves.
  • You can meet people from all over

    • With a free dating site you aren’t restricted to an area, meaning that if the love of your life lives far away, you still have a chance to connect with them. This can be particularly helpful for those who work long hours and can’t travel often.
  • Knowing before you go

    • You will know if you are attracted to them before you go, which can help with flirting and the overall connection. I knew I was attracted to my partner before I met him and spent my time getting to know him better instead of flirting.
  • Less Pressure

    • Meeting someone in person puts a lot of pressure on both parties to act a certain way until they feel like they know someone. If you go in already knowing someone you can make inside jokes to relieve any tension. It also takes away from the awkward jokes making…I am a nervous joke maker and was so happy that my partner got that before meeting me.
  • You can be picky without seeming rude

    • Yes, this might feel like you’re being arrogant, but don’t be afraid to tell someone you aren’t interested in meeting with them. The worst that can happen is they have a bad reaction, and if they do then block them. You don’t have to talk to anyone you don’t want to.

Do you have any other advantages of free dating sites? If so please share them below.


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    Nice read! Check out my blog

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    Most reputable dating sites charge a specific amount for services. There is nothing ‘FREE’ when it comes to services, either your sensitive data will be used or you will bombarded with ads if you are not paying. Coming back to the main point, yes, dating sites can help you in finding a new date but not a life partner. For those who are interested in long-term and serious relationships, I’d suggest marriage only match-making sites like

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