Just Engaged? Four Must Dos To Get Ahead of the Wedding Whirlwind

May 31, 2018



Getting engaged can be such a whirlwind. From the excitement of saying ‘yes’ to responding to all your wellwishers, celebrating with family, picking the perfect ring, and beginning to plan out all the details of your big day. It is no wonder that it can all feel a little overwhelming to be just engaged. Sometimes you just don’t know where to begin, as the to-do lists start mounting almost from the moment you accept that proposal. So, where to begin first? What essentials do you need to make sure that you tick off among the million tasks that want your attention?

Book Your Engagement Photos

Getting engaged is a significant moment in your life, so take the time to capture it with some beautiful engagement photos. Not only does this give you a bank of memories to look back on, but it also gives you the opportunity to test out a photographer for the big day itself. Find a good wedding photographer and many will include an engagement shoot as part of a package deal. If there’s one thing that’s true about the whirlwind of getting married, it’s that its over before you know it, so make sure you get a chance to capture something lovely to look back on.

Decide on a Wedding Budget

You are about to jump into a whole lot of planning, and no doubt you already have some ideas about the type of celebration you might like. However, it’s best not to get too carried away with wedding Pinterest boards, bridal gowns and venues until you have a clear idea of the budget for your big day. A realistic idea of what you can spend is crucial, both for setting your own expectations (there is literally no point falling in love with a £10,000 dress if that’s your hard limit for the entire day) and also for making sure that you aren’t setting up disagreements with your fiancée. Decide how much you can or have saved and what family may be contributing, and download a wedding budget planner to help keep track of costs.

Find and Insure The Perfect Ring

If you have decided to choose an engagement ring together after getting engaged, start by finding the best information on cuts of stone and suppliers at Use the power of the internet to find the best advice and the prices for the ring of your dreams. If you already have a ring, now is the time to arrange to get it resized if it doesn’t fit snugly – you don’t want it sliding off accidentally! It’s likely that you may not have owned such a valuable piece before, so make sure that your engagement and wedding ring is insured in case the worst does happen.

Take Some Time Together

When you get engaged, friends and family want to celebrate – and really, a wedding is just as much about those who love you. But it is important to take some time to celebrate as a couple as well before you get too submerged in the planning process. You’re sharing a once in a lifetime moment, so make sure that you plan in a little celebration just for the two of you.

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