Top Tips for Planning A Wedding

June 10, 2018
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Ah weddings. The “best day of your life” behind the stress of organising it all and making sure everything runs smoothly on the day. But really, it can be an absolute minefield in terms of planning a wedding and doing it right, also surprisingly competitive with everyone wanting the best things for their weddings probably at the same time as you as well. Below I share my top tips for planning your wedding right and relieving you from as much stress as possible.

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Top Tips for Planning A Wedding

Plan Early

The earlier you start planning, the easier the whole process will be and the more likely you’ll get the date, venue, band and photographer that you ACTUALLY want. It also gives you more time for money saving before the deadlines for paying everything off come up. It also means that if you’ve forgotten something, everything else is already taken care off so it’s less pressure.

Have a Plan B

Want to get married outside? What happens if it’s raining? You have to have a back-up for if the worst becomes a reality. Remember that episode of Friends where Emily and Ross planned to get married in an old church that is due to be knocked down, but it gets knocked down early and they have no back-up plan? Don’t let that happen to you.

Don’t Scrimp On Your Photographer

You might not think that your photographer is that important, but when you look back on your day you will want the absolute best moments captured in full HD. Another great option on top of your photographer is getting guests to take photographs themselves. This way you get a better feel of the whole day through photographs. A great app for this is Wedding Photo Swap which collates all the smart phone photos for you.

Get On Top Of The Budget

If you’ve got a dream wedding plan, price it up at the beginning so you know how much you will have to save up overall. Weddings are so expensive so it’s important to get on top of it all before you start booking everything. You can lose deposits if you fail to make the next payments so make sure you double check how much each payment will be before booking something out of your budget.

Get The Menu Right

Yes, it can be a pain to cater to everyone’s needs, but if you have vegetarians, vegans or coeliac’s attending your wedding make sure you have many different options on your menu so everyone is happy. Also, to protect your dress I wouldn’t pick something with a sauce or gravy (or get a bib if you do…).

Pick an Accessible Venue

If you want your entire guest list to turn up then pick a venue that they can all get to easily. There is no point expecting your grandparents to get on a plane to a foreign country if you can get married somewhere you can organise a driver to take them to.

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