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How To Know When You Need Relationship Counselling

June 26, 2018

Admitting that there is a problem in your relationship can be hard, never mind realising that you might counselling to work through it. The first step is admitting it, but the second step is is seeking the help you need to sustain a healthy and loving relationship. This is especially important if you’re married because there are certain legal obligations that can get very messy. You can find out more about marriage counselling here: but until then, here is my advice to knowing when you need to apply for couples counselling.

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You No Longer Communicate With Each Other

Communication can make or break a relationship and if it’s broken down then you have a problem. Are you hiding things from your partner? Or think they’re hiding something from you? It’s probably time to have a serious discussion about what’s going on. If you’re finding that you don’t want to tell your partner things then it’s definitely time to consider seeing someone about your problems.

Every Conversation Turns In To A Fight

If you can’t have a conversation with out yelling at each other, you need to learn to appreciate and enjoy spending time with each other again.  Relationship counselling can help you address the underlying issues that is causing this and restore your relationship to it’s former glory. With counselling you can begin to resolve the issues you didn’t realise were there.

You’re Thinking About Ending Things

This is, obviously, a major red alert in any relationship. If you’re having thoughts of ending a relationship it might be time to sign up for counselling. It can give you the space to talk openly about how you’re feeling, and give you extra space to think about what you truly want. Counselling can open up your relationship and remind you why you loved this person in the first place, so might even save your relationship.

You Feel Like You Speak Different Languages

Sometimes it might seem like you speak French and your partner speaks German, this is when the communication breaks down and what you think you’re saying is very far away from what your partner thinks they’ve heard (and vice versa). Therapy can help you understand each others natural communication methods and have more patience when things have been “misheard”.

The Same Issues Come Up Time and Time Again

If you’ve addressed an issue with your partner, but nothing changes you might feel like they haven’t listened to you. If it feels like you’re going round and round in circles about important things like children, marriage etc. then maybe it’s time to have some outside input to help you get to the bottom of it all.

You’ve Been Through Something Traumatic Together

If you’ve been through something traumatic such as a miscarriage or a car crash etc. it’s a good idea to get couples counselling whether you feel you need it or not. You’ll both be processing everything in different ways and understanding each other will be difficult. Outside eyes can help you help each other as opposed to helping yourselves – which is our natural tendencies.

So that is my advice to knowing if you should get counselling. If you have any other advice please comment below and let me know!

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