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August 22, 2018
Edinburgh with people walking

I’ve been quiet on here for a little while on account of moving to Edinburgh and having far too much to do, blog writing had taken a real back step for me this month and I hate it, warning, this is more of a life update post. It’s been great watching different shows and meeting the people who have shows here, but it’s made Edinburgh feel more like a holiday which makes me scared for the month to end. Everyone else involved in the Fringe (that I know) will be going back to their reality, but I don’t have a reality in Edinburgh yet and am kind of terrified.

Fringe time isn’t like normal time, you go to bed later and still wake up early, you’re not stuck for things to do and you are motivated to be creative with absolutely no time to do it. Most of all I am scared that I don’t have a job lined up for when the Fringe finishes, but I am sure something will come my way. I guess what I am saying is that I haven’t had a chance to settle in Edinburgh yet due to moving in the same month as the Fringe and it’s going to be hard to get used to the new reality that faces me.

University starts for me in September which will make the transition a little bit easier. I am off to study Events Management and couldn’t be more excited I just kind of need it to be here now because the waiting is killing me. I’ll make friends which has been the hardest part of moving to Edinburgh, all the friends I have here are my partners friends which means I can’t just ask them out for a drink or to see a show without him and I am excited to meet new people and get friends of my own in this city.

One of the biggest difficulties for me has been FOMO – fear of missing out – all of my Aberdeen friends have the option to hang out any evening and I can’t really do that with them anymore which has been making me feel quite lonely, but I have been reminding myself that I am in a much bigger city now with more things to do and they are probably more jealous of me and my experiences than I am of their ability to hang out with each other.

Although I am scared at the moment, I am also excited to create a new reality here and really explore my new city without a major festival going on. I will be blogging more frequently now that I am starting to get used to my flat and have finally found a place where I can concentrate.

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