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How To Get Over Your Fear Of Missing Out

November 10, 2018
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Fear of Missing out AKA FOMO happens to us all. Scrolling through Facebook or Twitter and seeing that your cousin went to a concert you wanted to go to, but missed out on. Moving away and seeing all of your friends hanging out with each other. FOMO is a real thing and if you’re having a tough time with your physical or mental health, or your swamped with uni work then there is a really high chance that you’re experiencing it. You can feel so isolated when it feels like you’re not experiencing life to the full because you’re seeing someone else living a “better” life than you, but I’m here to tell you that they feel the same thing about other people too. So below are my top tips to getting over FOMO.

Turn Off Your Phone

Shut off your phone and turn off wifi to avoid social media and live the life you feel comfortable with and want. In a world where we are so wrapped up with everyone elses lives, sometimes it’s good to switch off and focus on YOU and not what you’re missing out on.

Look After Yourself

FOMO often comes from a place of unhappiness, wondering why everyone else seems to be having more fun than you. The best way to get over this is to look after yourself and find happiness within. This can include taking up new hobbies, making new friends or even just having a nice long bath.

Slow Down

In a world that is moving faster than we can keep up with, there is distinct pressure to do more in less time. Take is easier, you CAN say no to a night out or an opportunity if you’ve already got a busy schedule. Learn to enjoy the small moments, don’t rush eating a meal to move on to your next activity – savour it.

Accept That You Can’t Have It All

We can’t fulfill every desire we have so you’re better to prioritise the ones that actually bring us happiness. It will make us more present in the experiences we do have and stop wondering what we could be doing. And lets be honest, the people who appear to have it all on social media aren’t actually that happy.


This is the practice of being present in our own lives. Mindfulness is a huge thing right now and there are many phone apps you can use to help you with this. It’s a good way to help yourself relax and forget about your worries or fears. Don’t chase the illusion of happiness, relax your mind and find it from within.

Cut People Out

This might sound harsh, but sometimes cutting toxic people out of our lives is necessary to get over our fear of FOMO. Often these people can make us feel like we’re missing out even when we aren’t and you’ll be so much happier without them around. So go through your friends list and be brutal, only keep the people who empower you, not drag you down.

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