Social Media Rockstar – 3 Gorgeous Ways To Display Your Favourite Travel Photos

December 3, 2018
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Think Outside The Frame

There are a lot of ways to memorialize your travel. Today’s photography has reached a zenith; one that has actually begun to transform the medium. Likely you’ve seen some of those “three dimensional” photos new mobile devices can take today. Coupled with film recording, audio, and varying enhancement effects, your mobile phone is now like a high-class picture studio from fifty years ago; all in your pocket.

There are even water-proofing options which can allow you to get pictures that are downright jaw-dropping. Most smartphones aren’t at this level of utility yet; but there are some which you can take underwater. For everything else, there’s GoPro. Here’s the thing, though: regardless how fine pictures and video may be, capturing them is only half the battle.

If you don’t display them right, you’re missing the boat, as it were. Certainly you can put them in an online digital album where you’ll check on them once in a blue moon, then forget about them. A better solution is to seek means of display; but you don’t have to use the same old tired conventions.

Certainly you could print photos and stick them in a frame, but that’s what everyone’s doing! Does that really describe who you are? Think outside the frame—or even think “multiple frames”, if that suits you. Special trips deserve extra special memorial. Following, three display methods you may not have considered will be explored to help inspire you.


  1. A Visual Feast In Collage Form

Digital pictures give you greater display autonomy than ever before. Where previously you’d have to pay to get film of that dream vacation in Australia developed, now you can just buy the photo paper yourself and print the pictures from a color printer. Sure, there are more classy ways to print or blow-up pictures, but you don’t have to pay top dollar.

Instead, what you might do is print off all your favourites and organize them into a collage the size of a wall in your display room. Imagine walking into the living room of the home to find an entire surface covered in photos of you and your family traveling the jungles of Hawaii! This could take over more traditional remodel techniques to refurbish a room.


  1. Backdrop Display

A backdrop provides texture. Putting your photograph against a backdrop emphasizes that texture. Additionally, you can use backdrops to justify the theme of a room. If the colors in the photo are different than those of the room, a backdrop can even things out. Denny Manufacturing offers some of the finest backdrops available, and of diverse kind.

  1. Blow Them Up And Get Surreal

You could combine techniques if that suits you. Use a backdrop, incorporate a collage, blow varying pictures up and put them in your display area artistically. In this way you could turn an empty corner of your home into a subtle re-creation of the Amazon Jungle, or the empty Gobi Desert. Even more compelling is your ability to do this with exceptional cost-effectiveness, given modern methods.


Truly Express Yourself

If you’re going to display your favourite photos, you might as well go all out and see what kind of creativity informs your effort. The thing about creativity is, it works best when it is unimpeded by directed planning.

Certainly it makes sense to have a generalized goal, but if you’ve got “freedom of movement”, as it were, in terms of your presentation options, then you’re more likely to happen upon that perfect balance of personal touch and uniqueness which makes art truly compelling.

With today’s options in terms of photography and display motifs, you can truly think outside the frame, and develop memorable décor whose design couldn’t be more intrinsic to you.

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  • Reply photographykmb December 3, 2018 at 4:14 pm

    I completely agree that using collages brightens up an atmosphere. I recently purchased prints from Artifact Uprising and my room is full of glorious photos from my travels! Thank you for such great tips, this was definitley worth the read 🙂

    • Reply Jodie Paterson December 3, 2018 at 4:16 pm

      Yes! Love me a collage. Thank you for commenting, have a lovely day

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