How Couples Therapy Could Save Your Relationship

January 15, 2019
woman upset in counselling with husband

Relationships are hard work and there are many ups and downs that you’ll go through with your partner, but sometimes you can reach a point in the relationship where you feel you can’t go on, or you need a break from each other to think things over and this is exactly when you should be phoning up a therapist or counsellor to help you save your relationship. You chose to be with them for a reason, don’t throw it all away because you’re too stubborn to go to counselling or can’t be bothered to work everything out. It will be so worth it in the end. Below I share how couples therapy could repair your relationship.

It Could Get You Communicating Again

Often relationships break down due to lack of communication. There are a lot of different ways this can happen, but often it’s just that you stopped talking to each other. Therapy or counselling will encourage you to open up again and really get down to all your sensitive issues. It sounds silly, but sometimes having an impartial party in the room can make it easier to talk about the difficult things, especially if you’re afraid of your partners reaction.

You Can Uncover Issues You Didn’t Realise You Had

If you have been struggling to get through to your partner and neither of you understand why, therapy or counselling could help you uncover the truth about your own relationship and help you repair everything. The faster you get down to the root of the issue, the faster you can fix it and get back on track with your relationship.

Learning To Control Your Fights

A therapist can help you filter out what is worth fighting about and what you’re wasting your time fighting about. For example, if you get in to arguments about silly things like who turns the light out, just let it go, but bigger issues such as money might need more time allocated to it. This can help you with communication as well because there will be a better stream of conversation.

Learn To Talk Instead Of Yell

Having a third party remind you that you don’t need to yell can help with this. Often when you’re at the point of counselling even the talk of what you’re having for dinner turns in to a yelling match, you need to learn to control your fuse and hear each other out which will make you generally happier in the relationship and life.

Agreeing To Therapy Reminds Your Other Half That You Care

That can be healing in itself, your willingness to work on the relationship will show your partner that you’re in it for the long run and willing to work on everything instead of giving up on it all. Often one party in the relationship needs reminding of this as they will begin to feel underappreciated.

You’ll Understand Your Partner More

Reconnecting in this way will help you understand your partner even more and understand why they react and act the way they do. It can also help you be more understanding and compassionate in difficult situations such as arguments or serious discussions.

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