My Dream Dining Experience

January 15, 2019
Friends drinks on top of food enjoying a meal together

There are so many different events on offer these days with different dining themes to give us a new amazing opportunity, picking one that suits you can actually be quite difficult. Alternatively, if you have an amazing idea for a brand new dining experience and can’t find anywhere to host it, that can also be difficult. Recently I have been thinking about my absolute dream dining experience a lot due to studying Events Management at university and even pitching a dining experience, with a group, to my lecturers. Below I share my dream dining experience.


My dream theme for a dining experience would be medieval. I love dressing up and those clothes are a lot of fun to dress up in. I want a theme that feels like a completely different time and fits in with my favourite TV shows and movies, so medieval feels like the perfect theme for dining. I also adore the decorations and colours involved with a medieval theme.


This is a tricky one, because although I’d want a fairly authentic experience, I would also expect entertainment for my money, especially if I was charged over £30. If we went with the medieval theme I’d want to have actors re-enacting stories from history of that time. e.g. the story of Mary Queen of Scots or the Later Roman Empire. That way not only do we all get a nice meal, but we also get fine entertainment along with it so we don’t get bored.

Food and Drink

As I am a vegetarian, I would expect at the least an option for me. Looking at food served in the medieval times, I would enjoy a nice vegetable pie and maybe some soup as well. In terms of everything else I would expect traditional medieval food such as a pig to carve etc. Mead or wine would be the perfect accompaniment to the meal, however water would also be appreciated.


The perfect venue for this type of event would be a large dining room in a castle because it would feel more authentic, however, venues that have stone walls and large dining rooms would be ideal too. As long as there is a large area, though, it could be decorated to give it a real medieval feel so any large space would be great, but a castle would be the best. The best city to hold this in would be London.


I would expect this sort of event to run starting around 7pm for 2-3 hours with each course being delivered every 30 minutes or so. The entertainment should run both during each course and between each course with each staff member keeping it all authentic.


Candles and authentic looking plates, cutlery etc. would be an absolute must for me. I would want to really feel like I was in that time period and the decorations are the most important part of that. The colours should feel medievally.

So that is my absolute dream dining experience, what did you think?

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