Why You Should Go To Couples Therapy Before Getting Married

January 23, 2019
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Not only is wedding planning stressful, but marriage can also be incredibly hard. There are things you’ll learn down the line that can be absolute game changers that probably should have been discussed before you even thought about marriage. I would advise that you get couples therapy before planning the wedding to make sure that you’re all set for a long and happy marriage with the person you love, and here’s why.

Are You Both Ready?

Marriage is a huge commitment that shouldn’t be taken lightly. It takes a lot of money to have a wedding and a divorce, so why not make your marriage your last one? Couples therapy can bring out underlying issues you didn’t know were there, or even things you hadn’t thought to discuss before getting engaged (such as finances etc.). It’s better to get these discussions over and done with before the wedding so it doesn’t cause major issues down the line.

Get To Know Each Other Better

The person you’re marrying should be the person you know the best out of anyone in your life. Couples therapy can help you connect more in ways you didn’t think of yourselves. It’s important to listen to your partners needs and wants and therapy is a safe place to share and learn how to help your partner or relationship in the future.

Become Stronger As A Couple

You might think that your relationship is the strongest it will ever be, but you’re probably wrong. There is always room to become a stronger unit, and therapy is the best way to do this. You learn to understand your partner inside and out, what they like and dislike and how you can appreciate them more. Going in to marriage you should be a strong unit and not a weak one.

It Could Prevent Divorce

This probably sounds silly or obvious, but it’s true. What’s worse than a break up? When you have to sign a bunch of documents and pay money to get out of it. You have to make sure you’re 100% in it for the long haul before you even consider marriage, and therapy will help you realise if you are or not.

You Are Still Your Own Person

Going in to a marriage can feel like you’re giving away your freedom or like you have to do everything as a couple and this is so not true, not even a little bit. You can still have a life outside of your spouse. Therapy can be a good way to discuss this and even come up with a good balance between spouse time, work time and friends time.

You Won’t Always Feel “In Love”

Here’s the thing. Living with someone can be hard, but living with a spouse will show you all the bad sides of them. You aren’t always going to feel those butterflies in your stomach and that’s absolutely fine. If you go to therapy you will learn how to get through those difficult periods and back to the lovey dovey stage again.

So those are my reasons as to why you should go to couples counselling before you get married, what do you think?

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