Why You Should Seek An Online Therapist With Your Partner

January 24, 2019
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Therapy or counselling can be a tricky thing to bring up with your partner, especially if you’re already having trouble communicating with them. In my last couple of posts (here and here) I discuss why you should go to couples therapy, in this post, however, I will discuss the advantages of seeking online therapy with your partner and why it might be better than seeing a therapist face-to-face.

Busy Lives

It can be hard working full time and juggling the rest of life, this means that it can be difficult to schedule appointments that both of you can attend. Online therapy means that you can do it in out of office hours that suit you and your partner better. It also means that you don’t need a set day for therapy, you can do it whenever works best for both of you.

Being Nervous

Therapy can be nerve wracking, especially if you’re having to sit in an awkward waiting room to see one. If you’re seeking therapy, why not try it online? It can make the thought of seeing one so much easier for you and your partner. Instead of physically having to travel to see someone you can sit on your comfortable sofa and skype someone instead.

More Control

It can be less awkward to hang up a video call than walk out of a room if you feel uncomfortable. You are always in control in therapy, but when it’s online you are 100% in control and can stop at any time, whereas visiting a therapist in person and being in a room with them can make it more intense and less controllable.

You’ll Be Matched

Online therapy often matches you with a therapist that specialises in the issues that you’re having meaning that you’ll find a therapist that suits you a lot faster, whereas you’ll generally find that if you sign up for therapy in person it can take a few turns to find your therapist match. Starting with someone who had already been matched for you can save you time and effort and get your issues dealt with faster.

It Doesn’t Matter If You’re Sick

If you get sick there is no need to cancel your appointment because you can just do it from bed, this is great because it can often take a while to arrange another appointment if you visit an office therapist and it avoids any arguments between you and your partner about how they would go anyway if they were sick.

You Can Get It Immediately

With a shortage of good counsellors or therapists, the good ones normally have a waiting list and only work certain hours. Online therapists have more flexibility when it comes to this and can chat to you the same day as you sign up. It’s much better than waiting months for the therapist your friends recommended.

There Is No Excuse

There are less excuses that can be made in regards to attending. No “I can’t make it due to work” or “It’s just too far to travel”. Online therapy means there is absolutely no excuse for not attending and you’ll force yourself to work through all of the issues.

If you’d like to learn more about online couples counselling, you can find it here:

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