How Crafts Can Help Your Mental Health

March 11, 2019
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Hobbies are a great way of nurturing your mental health and there are so many you can take up, however the best hobbies tend to be ones you can do from the comfort of your own home (aka, not relying on anyone else) and that keep your creative vibes flowing. Crafts is probably one of the best hobbies you can take up, it’s creative, you can do it socially and independently, it’ll actually keep you busy and well it’s fun and you get a lot of cool things out of it. Below I’ll list just how exactly it can help improve your life to take up crafts.

Instant Gratification

With crafts you can start making something cool and finish it quite quickly, even if you have to wait for things to dry etc. it will still give you a sense of satisfaction that you achieved something that day. This can help a lot because often when we’re feeling low it makes us feel like we’re not being productive enough, so having something physical to show helps our overall mindset.

Easy Gift Ideas

Not only is it a great way to save money on the gifts you get for your family/friends, it’s also a lot more personal. Sometimes on our lowest days going out to a shop and buying presents just isn’t possible, but crafting can help us create something just as nice for people. I mean, only gift the ones you don’t mind parting with though.

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You Can Hold Crafts Nights

If leaving your house is a bit much due to your mental health, you can invited friends over for a crafts night. That way you’re still socialising with the people you love whilst doing something you love. This can make it a lot more comfortable so socialise as well because you’re actively participating in something whilst catching up.

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There Is So Much To Discover

Crafts is one of those things where there are so many elements, so you won’t be bored because you can try a new element of it. One of the more interesting elements you could try out is Sublimation which allows you to print designs on to blank products (Such as t-shirts and mugs) using a special sublimation printer, special inks, special paper and a heat press. It works a bit like dry ice in that sublimation ink goes from a solid to a gas without a liquid form. It’s super cathartic which, of course, helps us with enjoying the hobby more and you should check it out.

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It Can Be Cheap

If you don’t have much money and spending it stresses you out, that’s fine. There are plenty of cheaper crafts options. You don’t need to spend thousands to make decent things, if anything it’s more rewarding to spend less and make something amazing. Sublimation designs fall in to this category. They aren’t that expensive so you can order quite a lot at a time with out having to re-stock. The satisfaction you’ll feel creating something amazing out of cheaper products will help you feel accomplishment.


Pinterest is great for craft ideas. If you already love spending time on pinterest then crafts could be the perfect hobby for you because you can actually learn to create the things you pin or even share your ideas with others. It can feel great when people start trying out your methods and sharing your posts. Also, it’s very satisfying to scroll down Pinterest because the images are always so pretty!

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