What’s The Best Way To Try Out A Vegan Diet?

March 22, 2019
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Whilst veganism has been soaring in popularity over recent years, it’s understandable that many people are sceptical about trying it out. After all, meat is delicious, and the idea of living on salads isn’t very appealing. Of course, that’s a misconception; there are plenty of varied and delicious vegan food options beyond plain and uninspiring bowls of salad. You might surprise yourself. Okay, but what about nutritional goodness? Well, despite what many might say, you don’t need meat to get protein in your diet. Regardless, it’s important to carefully plan out your meals if you want a nutritious vegan diet (much as you should if you want a nutritious diet containing meat and dairy products). Of course, many of us don’t know how to best get the nutrition we need. So, what’s the best way to try out a vegan diet? Let’s answer that with regards to your wellbeing and the taste of the food you’ll be eating.

Research sources of protein.

As discussed in the introduction, a lot of people worry about their diet lacking protein if they go vegan, but there are plenty of options to consider. After all, the reason animals are full of protein is that they gain it from the plants they eat. In many ways, it’s smarter to get directly to the source. Beans and lentils are delicious options to try out. If you want to create filling and delicious vegan meals then you should get into the habit of making homemade meals. If you get plenty of beans, lentils, nuts, seeds, and soya products then you’ll have many sources of protein to add into your meals. Just make sure you do your research so that you fill your meals with enough of certain foods to get your necessary daily protein; men need 55g per day, and women need 45g.

Experiment with different flavours.

You shouldn’t be put off veganism if you try certain dishes that don’t meet your tastes or preferences. Most people are picky when it comes to the meat they like too; it’s the same when it comes to plant-based food. You just need to try out different dishes and styles until you find something that sticks. You might even want to try out a spice box subscription. This would give you different spices to try out on a frequent basis so that you can experiment and switch up the flavour of your meals.

Find out which supplements you might need.

Again, this all depends on the type of diet you try out, but if you want to commit to a vegan diet on a permanent basis then you need to get necessary levels of nutrition every single day. We’ve already talked about this in terms of protein, and plenty of the plant-based food you’ll consume will give you all the iron and calcium you might be missing, but you might find it hard to get other vitamins and minerals you need. It’s worth looking into supplements for Omega-3, Vitamin B12, Iodine, and Vitamin D. You can get these things with a vegan lifestyle, but it’s difficult. Omega-3 is very hard to get in vegan food, B12 is in non-dairy milks and yeast extracts, Iodine varies in many foods, and Vitamin D can be absorbed from the sun. If in doubt then it’s worth getting supplements.

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