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How To Be More Proactive

June 9, 2019
how to be more proactive

As humans, we often find ourselves making all of these ambitious and motivated plans that fall through quickly due to “life getting in the way” (or, you know, new Netflix shows…). Whether it’s New Years Resolutions, “New Year, New Me” or simply small promises you make yourself, I share my top tips on how to become more proactive.

It’s All On You To Be More Proactive

The first thing to remember is that you’re the only person who can make changes and be proactive. You can build up a support network, but ultimately the motivation is for you to find and only you can act on it. Friends and family will help you all they can, but can’t be available all the time.

Be Honest With Yourself

Nothing will work if you aren’t honest with yourself. Be honest with yourself about why you aren’t already being proactive and try to eliminate the negative things stopping you from thriving. As they say – honesty is the best policy and sometimes you’ve just got to admit that maybe you don’t actually want to do the thing. Don’t be afraid to admit it.

Set Yourself A Schedule And Set Alarms

This is an obvious one that you’ll probably ignore because “it doesn’t work”, but here’s the thing: It does work. If you have it written down and set alarms on your phone to help motivate you throughout the day it can work. Either you’ll feel bad for not doing it and start, or you’ll be reminded to do it.

Go To Bed Earlier And Get Up Earlier

I know. I’m sorry, but it is one of the things that can help. Often proactivity comes from having a schedule that you stick to frequently so that it becomes part of your everyday life and feels like less of a burden. Schedules work better when you’re well rested and get up at a decent hour.

Set Realistic Goals

Don’t set yourself unrealistic or unachievable goals because that will just help you lose your motivation faster. If you’re a writer aim for 4-6 pages a day and stick to it, even if those pages are bad you still wrote something that day. Setting daily goals will also help you feel more accomplished more often.

Manage Your Time

Learn how to prioritise your time so you don’t feel burnt out or overwhelmed by the tasks you’ve set yourself. Make achievable schedules that also give you a good rest. And always, always, remember to give yourself time to hydrate.

Focus On The Future

We have a habit of focussing on the past instead of focussing on the future. If you look to the future you’ll automatically become more positive which will make it easier to be proactive. Don’t constrain your thinking to past mistakes, find ways to not make them again.

Make Things Happen

Similarly to our first bullet point, you’ve got to make things happen. It doesn’t matter what time it is, if you are being proactive then send that email, write that thing, work on your plans. Focus on making things happen and making them work and the more you focus on it, the more it will work.

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