Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations

August 17, 2019

Honeymoons are a once in a lifetime opportunity to go anywhere you’ve always dreamed of going with your other half, it’s a way to rest away the stress from organising your wedding and get to know your new spouse even better. Deciding where to go can be really hard, especially if you want to make it super special, or deciding whether a city break or a peaceful countryside break would suit you better. Below are my top 10 honeymoon destinations for newlyweds looking for an amazing trip.

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City Honeymoons

1. Italy

Everyone knows Italy for its cuisine, but everyone should discover it’s unique architecture and it’s absolutely gorgeous scenery. There are plenty of internal public transport routes in Italy, so there is always the option of visiting more than one city in Italy if you’ve decided to honeymoon in Italy.  Rome and Venice tend to be the most popular cities to visit in Italy, but you can venture even further and discover new lands as many people do on their honeymoons Italy.

2. Paris

Often portrayed in TV and films as the romantic central in Europe, Paris is undoubtedly one of the most romantic getaways for honeymooning. This is great if you’re looking for a busy city getaway, but may be considered too obvious, or too touristy for some. However, why change what works for so many? Take a trip up the Eiffel Tower and look over the whole city to show your spouse how special they are to you.

3. Dubai

A fairly new popular honeymoon destination is Dubai, and although it might not be your first thought it definitely has it’s perks. You can visit the beach, the Burj Khalifa or even go shopping in the mall. It’s not an obvious one, but it can still be an absolute dream of a getaway for newlyweds.

4. Vienna

Vienna is an absolutely gorgeous city filled with history and culture. Take a stroll through the Schoenbrunn Palace gardens, head to the Imperial Palace or book a night at the opera house. I guarantee that it will be a wonderful, romantic time in this stunning city. 

5. Prague

Another absolutely stunning place to visit with your amour. Here, you can take a horse drawn carriage in the old town, although that can be quite expensive. You can visit the zoo or dine on a night cruise along the Vltava or take a romantic walk on the streets on Prague and soak in it’s culture and architecture.

Island Breaks

6. Greece

Greece has thousands of different islands to explore, and what is more romantic than an island with beautiful blue seas? If you head to Santorini you will discover some of the most stunning views in the world. The beaches there are made up of black, red and white lava pebbles making it great for photos.

7. Mauritius

This has got to be the most romantic getaway on this list. With white sandy beaches, turquoise blue seas and sun sun sun. You can book all inclusive holidays and literally sit on the beach all day getting your cocktail glasses filled up. Can you think of anything more relaxing than that?

8. Thailand

Known for its tropical beaches, ancient ruins and royal palaces it’s easy to see why this has become an ever popular honeymoon destination. The island Ko Samui is Thailand’s second largest island and is the best for people’s first time in Thailand and people looking for those brochure beaches.

9. The Maldives

Another destination that has those brochure and idealistic beaches which are so romantic. A trip to The Maldives is an absolute once in a lifetime experience. It’s a unique place and if you go you should definitely visit the busy fish market in Male (the capital).

10. Bali

An Indonesian island that will have you speechless. Often known for its forested volcanic mountains, beaches, coral reefs and rice paddies this would be a really unique place for you and your spouse to visit. 

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