How to Survive a Long-Haul Flight

August 18, 2019
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Long-haul flights can be daunting. In fact travelling can be hard at the best of times for nervous travelers or first timers. Long-haul flights in particular can feel like absolute hell for those who don’t know how to cope with them. The thing you want is at the end of the flight, not during it; no one actually wants to do the flying part of travelling so your flight should be a place to relax. Look forward to reaching your destination, and avoid having a stressful, anxious hell ride.

If you’re heading on to a long-haul flight soon, read my tips below on how to survive it without being bored senseless or stressed to the max.

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Wear Comfortable Clothes

This should be the standard on any flight, in my opinion, but it’s even more important on long-haul flights because you’ll be spending long periods of time sitting on a possibly stuffy or cold airplane. If I were you I would wear loose layers that can be taken off and put on easily. Wear shoes that aren’t too snug on your feet because foot swelling does happen at high altitudes, of if you think that will be an issue pack some slipper socks so you can take your shoes off and still be comfortable.

Take Your Own Snacks

Once you’re through security pick up snacks and drinks for on the plane. Although you will be served food you’re likely to get hungry before it comes or it might not be what you were expecting. Often, due to time differences, you are getting breakfast at your supper time or vice versa so if you’ve always got something for when you’re feeling pecking you won’t feel like you’ve missed out on a meal.

Move Around The Plane

Don’t stay cooped up in your seat, get up and walk around. Stretching your legs will not only make you more comfortable on the flight, but also reduces the risk of deep vein thrombosis. It might also help you get to sleep because moving around is a more conductive way to rest than sleeping pills. I would get up every 2 hours or so to keep your journey as pain free as possible.

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how to survive a long-haul flight

Pick A Good Seat

When booking your flight opt in for seats that you’ll feel comfortable in. Want more leg room? Opt for exit rows, want quick access to the loo, or get claustrophobic easily? book an aisle seat. If you don’t want to sit next to families with noisy babies on your long-haul flight, then I would suggest booking seats that are further back in the plane because they often have special provisions for families at the front.

Drink (Not Alcohol Or Coffee Though)

It might be tempting to drink alcohol or caffeine, but it will only dehydrate you. You’ll be better off with water throughout your flight to help your body stay hydrated. This is because there is a lot of dry air in the cabin meaning you will get dehydrated faster than normal. I would suggest bringing bottles of water on with you (from duty free) to ensure a more comfortable journey.

Download Films

Most of the time on a long-haul flight they offer a few films to pick from, which is great. However if you don’t like any of them you probably won’t enjoy the flight very much. I recommend downloading films on to your ipad, tablet, phone etc. beforehand so you’ve got them there. This will help when you start to get bored or just want something familiar. Films are a really good way to pass the time and will make your journey feel shorter.


Simple as. Take a sit back and enjoy your time on the plane. You can’t do anything for anyone when you’re up in the air so clear your mind. Watch a couple films or get excited about your holiday ahead. I would even suggest brining that book you haven’t finished yet!

Prepare Yourself For Sleep

If you know you’re about to get on board a long-haul flight stay up! Get less sleep before, so you’ll sleep for at least some of the journey. I’d recommend preparing for the time difference as well because it might take a couple of says to adjust to.

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