How To Have A Worry Free Holiday

September 1, 2019

Holidays shouldn’t be stressful – you’re heading away to relax, not stress! There is no point in taking time off work just to return more stressed than when you left. Below I share my top tips on how to have a worry free holiday and returned genuinely refreshed.

Print Everything Out

There is nothing worse than turning up to a hotel and finding out that they can’t find your booking, your phone has died and there is no way to prove you made one. Or relying on your phone for a plane ticket, you could smash your screen or lose battery. Print out the confirmations to ensure that even if something does happen to your phone you’re 100% prepared.

Get Insurance

It might be tempting to leave without getting insurance, but I wouldn’t recommend it. If anything happens on your holiday it’s important to be covered by insurance. I would recommend getting insurance the minute you’ve booked the holiday to ensure that if things do go wrong, you’re covered. This can cover lost luggage, missing booked excursions due to delayed flights, hotel issues etc.

Let Someone Else Do The Hard Work

So you want to see the best parts of a country, but aren’t very good at navigating? Book yourself on a tour with an expert local who can tell you all about their country. If you’re visiting Scotland I can recommend multi-day tours from The Hairy Coo so you can have a worry free holiday. I’ve been on the 5-Day tour myself and you really do see the best parts of Scotland in the 5 days you have with your experienced tour guide.

Make Sure You’ve Saved Up Enough Money

There is nothing more stressful than a card declining. A few months before your holiday keep your spending to a minimum and save up as much money as you can so that you can spend you whole holiday stress free from money issues. This can be for food, presents or even tipping a tour guide. The worst thing would be getting to the city and spending your whole holiday tucked away in the hotel!

Book In Advance

If you want to get the best prices and deals, you’ll want to book in advance. If you leave it all to last minute you may be paying out a lot more than necessary. When taking a guided tour, book in advance. Guided tours fill up fast and space isn’t always guaranteed, so secure your place early on to avoid disappointent!

Make A Packing List

To ensure that you have everything you need, make a list of all the essential things you need to pack. It’s not great to have to scramble around on the second day of your holiday to find a shop that sells something you forgot to bring with you. Or worse than that, paying extorionate prices at the airport for them!

Be Prepared For Airport Security

Airports are arguably the most stressful part of the whole holiday. With security being intrusive, awkward and often stress inducing it’s important to be prepared for it. Before you head over to security get everything that they ask you to take out of your carry on bags and have them ready for inspection so it can be smooth sailing.

Allow Yourself To Relax

Put the phone away and switch off from your every day life. Allow yourself to take in your surroundings and let yourself relax. It can be difficult to switch off, so get yourself a book, book an excursion etc. Just find something that will help you relax.

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