The Advantages Of Travelling Solo

September 15, 2019

Travelling can be daunting, especially if you’re alone, but travelling solo is so worth it. The reality of life is that you can’t always have a travelling partner and that’s okay. Discovering new places, people, things etc. by yourself can be just as fun as discovering them with someone, if nore more exhilerating. Travelling solo at least once in your life is important because it will help you become a bigger and better person whilst learning more about yourself.


Travelling alone gives you the freedom to do whatever you like without having to consider anyone else. This means you can spend as much time doing the things you enjoy as you can and want to. Often travelling with others means sacrificing parts of your short time away to do something that they want to do that maybe doesn’t even interest you. The thought is scarier than the action and the freedom of your own timescale is so worth it.

It Encourages You To Meet New People

When travelling with someone you might feel like spending time with only them, but if you travel alone you’ll have more motivation to actually talk to the locals and get a feel of the culture. The other bonus of this is they might know really good places for you to eat/visit that aren’t near the tourist sites which could lead to new adventures. Trust me, the people you’ll meet while solo travelling will be the most interesting people you’ll ever meet and you’re more likely to speak to them if you’re feeling a bit lonely!

The Experience

There is nothing that compares to solo travelling. The feeling of knowing you have no one to answer to and no obligations whatsoever is so liberating. You should travel alone at least once in your life to feel it. You have no one waiting on you, no one you’re waiting for. It’s time for you and just you. It’s like eating in a restaurant alone, you are scared you’ll look stupid, but really it’s fine and no one is judging you.

You’ll Grow Confidence

Once you realise that you CAN do it, you’ll feel so much more confidence in yourself. You’ll get a surge of independence and that never leaves you. If anything it’s probably the best thing for shy/anxious people because you’re around people you’ll never see again and they’re in the same position as you. This means you’ll come out of your shell a bit and be more confident coming back – maybe even showing a future travel partner around the city that liberated you.

You’ll Grow As A Person

The best way to grow as a person is through life changing experiences. You’ll learn so much by travelling solo, not only will you feel more comfortable in yourself when eating out alone etc. you’ll get valuable experience in airports, train stations etc. It will help you be more comfortable in these types of situations and teach you that the world really isn’t as scary as it seems.

It’s Cheaper

Naturally, it’s works out less expensive overall. Every meal is a meal for one, each plane, train, taxi or tram ride is for one. As much as the cost for holidays for two should be split in half, it often works out more expensive anyway. Double/twin rooms are more expensive than single rooms, hostels don’t always accommodate double beds etc. Also, you will only be paying for attractions that you actually want to see, so it’s a win win in that respect.

You Learn To Rely On Yourself More

It’s tempting to put decisions on to others, especially when you’re trying to relax on holiday, but this isn’t necessarily good. Travelling solo will teach you to be more self reliant. You’ll learn to trust your own judgement more and be independant in all areas of life. Ask yourself, would you know how to handle an emergency? Probably by relying on the people around you, right? Travelling solo will help you become the person that people can rely on.

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