Things You Absolutely MUST Do In Rotterdam

October 13, 2019

Rotterdam sits in the southern part of The Netherlands and is the second largest city in the country, after Amsterdam. Due to the bombing in WWII Rotterdam was almost completely wiped out meaning that all of their architecture is fairly new and interesting. The photos you’ll get because of this are so symmetrical and futuristic meaning your Instagram will be off the hook. 

There is so much to do in Rotterdam and around every corner you will find something different to do including many bars, restaurants, cafes and pubs. Rotterdam even boasts one of the best bars in the world, De Witte Aap. After visiting Rotterdam in May 2018 for #Traverse18 (which was amazing by the way) I am absolutely in love with the place, and you will be too if you visit these places.

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Euromast Tower

An observation tower in Rotterdam designed by Hugh Maaskant. It was specially built for the 1960 Floriade, an international exhibition and garden festival held in The Netherlands, and has been listed as a monument since 2010. You can visit Euromast at any time, just be sure to bring your card as you can no longer pay in cash to get inside. You can also book a Euromast tour for groups. As you can probably guess, the views from Euromast are phenomenal and your breath will be taken away.

Erasmusbrug (Erasmus Bridge)

This is a combined cable-stayed and bascule bridge in the center of Rotterdam. It connects the north and the south parts of the city and was named after Desiderius Erasmus who was a prominent Christian Renaissance humanist. The bridge is the second largest in the whole of The Netherlands stretching to 802m. It’s often nicknamed “The Swan” due to the large upright mast resembling the neck of a swan. You can get some gorgeous photos from the bridge, and it’s just a pretty nice walk in general.

Cube Houses

These are exactly as they are described, a set of houses in cuboid style. Designed by Piet Blom, this eccentric housing block are formed to be tilted at a 45 degree angle based on the concept of “living as an urban roof”. They are very aesthetically pleasing and they really aren’t like any other houses you’ll ever see. One of the cubes is actually open to the public so you can see what the inside looks like as well. Below is the link to a private tour of Rotterdam with entrance fee for the cube house included.

Private Tour of Rotterdam With Cube House Admission

Markthal Rotterdam

A residential and office building with a market hall underneath. Markthal was opened in Rotterdam in 2014 and has some trippy artwork on the inside making it a favourite for visitors. Here you can find some of the best food for the best prices and even a gift or 2 for friends and family. When you’re inside there are even options to eat in a dining area with certain stalls, which we did and it was delightful.

De Witte Aap

Named one of the best bars in the world by Lonely Planet, this bar is definitely worth a visit. In this area of Rotterdam you’ll find a lot of bars, but none that compare to De Witte Aap. Perfect for a drink on a warm summers night, this bar can often get really busy during peak times, but trust me it’s worth the wait. Reasonable priced drinks with a lovely relaxed atmosphere. What more could you want.

Fenix Food Factory

This is an absolute must for foodies. Based in Fenixloods, Fenix Food Factory is a small-scale food hub based in a former warehouse. Great for artisanal foods, fresh produce, craft beers and affordable dishes from local chefs. Not just that though, they also run workshops and tastings which are definitely worth your time. I personally recommend a visit to Jordy’s bakery when you’re there. 

Maritime Museum

Near the Markthal and the Cube Houses, The Maritime Museum in Rotterdam is one of the largest of its type in the whole world. It had a massive collection of cartography, art and maritime memorabilia and is dedicated for naval history. It was founded in 1874 by Prince Henry of The Netherlands. Great for adults and children alike this is an absolute must visit when you’re in the city. 

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SS Rotterdam

A large ocean liner, originally known as “The Grande Dame”. Constructed in the 1950’s it was one of the last lavishly decorated liners. It sits in Rotterdam as a combined hotel and museum – yes you can stay in the SS Rotterdam. You can get guided tours of the ships bridge and engine room and see how everything worked. In fact, you can even get married on the SS Rotterdam with 12 different venues on the ship to choose from. 

Pannenkoekenboot Rotterdam

Okay, so I’ve saved the best for last. This is one of my favourite things that exists anywhere. All you can eat pancakes whilst getting a boat tour of Rotterdam. Let me repeat that: ALL YOU CAN EAT PANCAKES. For a 75 minute cruise around Rotterdam you are €18.50 and that does include the pancakes as well. That is a great deal if every I have seen one. Great views and great food.

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