[AD] How Bloggers Can Help Boost Your Business

Marketing in a world where everyone is online seeing hundreds of adverts a day, just on Facebook, can be difficult. Where do you fit in the online marketing world? And how do you make it effective? Not every business has the resources to create a viral video or hire the staff to run their social media platforms which can make it hard to build up a positive reputation. The best way to tackle this issue is to use people online who already have a dedicated following – bloggers. Keep reading to find out why.

They Are Trusted

When a high profile celebrity promotes a product it’s often ignored or deemed too expensive for the general public. This is because we know that they have the money to buy the products as often as they wish and that they are earning a lot to promote it. When a blogger promotes a product, it’s often a product that they feel strongly about. Bloggers work hard to share the things they are passionate about and gain trust with an engaged audience and it shows. We trust bloggers because they are more relatable than celebrities. They are more like us.

Bloggers Are Loyal

Bloggers are more likely to work with the brands they feel truly passionate about than the brands that offer them the most money. This is because they understand and respect their audience meaning that they don’t want to promote something they don’t feel will benefit their audience. The brands that they do work with are likely to be talked about on the blog again on a non-paid basis due to the blogger genuinely loving the product. This creates a good image for your brand because it shows that people would recommend the product outwith paid promotion.

They Have Loyal Followers

The bloggers may be loyal to you, but their followers are loyal to them and that’s an imporant part of the puzzle. If a blogger asks their followers to try out a product and share their experience, word will get around. The people who follow blogs are also the people who share what they like with their friends. It’s better to work with someone who already has a loyal following than to spend a lot of money attempting to build one that isn’t guaranteed.

It’s Affordable

Marketing isn’t free. This can make it difficult for struggling businesses to get ahead. Bloggers tend to have more affordable rates than other advertisers. Using a blogger outreach service you can find a number of high quality blogs that would be willing to work with you within your budget. You can chose who to work with from a wide range of bloggers and chose how much to spend.

It Will Help Build Your SEO

What is SEO? Well it stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Basically, it is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. This is so important if you want to grow your organic reach in search engines such as google. Building up strong backlinks will help search engines build trust to your site.


You Can Find Bloggers Quickly

In the past finding the correct blogger for your brand may have taken months of research and back and forth emails discussing budget, idea and follow through. However now, you can find bloggers easily using a service like Get Blogged. They have thousands of contacts in the blogger world and ensure that brands find the correct blogger for them by making them write a proposal for you. This cuts out the back and forth and helps you get to the point with bloggers. Every blogger with Get Blogged is engaged, experienced and reliable – the people behind it make sure of it!

They Are Experts

A lot of bloggers or Micro Bloggers have chosen specific things to write about because it’s what they know the most about. For example, this blog focusses on mental health and lifestyle, where others may focus on science or technology. This allows them to write confidently about specific topics in their chosen field. After writing about something for years, it would be hard for them not to be experts in their field.

Bloggers Are Authentic

It’s important that you are choosing a blogger that fits your brand, but it’s also important that you’re working with bloggers who provide real reviews of your products. If they like one of your products, but not another they will vocalise that. This shows authentic and honest perspectives of your products that customers will respond better to.

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