How To Boost Your Happiness At Work

November 14, 2019
How To Boost Your Happiness At Work

We spend a large part of our lives at work, so it’s important that we feel satifised and happy when we’re there. Work stress and unhappiness has a habit of following us in to our personal lives, making it difficult for us to function in every day life. Has anyone in your life been signed off due to work stress? That’s probably because they didn’t get the chance to balance their work and life schedules better. Below I share my top tips on how to boost happiness at work.

Take Your Full Lunch Break

One of the most vital parts of work is taking your full lunch break. It’s the simplest way to help boost happiness at work. Most companies have unpaid lunch breaks, so you aren’t even paid for sitting at your desk working during that hour. Make an effort to actively leave your desk when eating lunch because it will help you take an actual break from it all rather than being roped in to work.

Take Your Holidays

Time off is important for us to recallibrate and take a break from the stresses of every day life. If you’re finding yourself with leftover holiday days in the month they reset then maybe it’s time to reprioritise when you take them. It’s better to take small breaks throughout the year than to take a large one once a year because then you won’t get as tired and stressed out and you won’t constantly feel like you want more time off.

Talk To Your Manager

If there are any issues affecting you at work, it’s important to keep your manager in the loop so they can assist you. Keep a good relationship with your manager and you’re more likely to feel happy going in to work than if you dreaded them coming in. They are there to help you as well as to get the job done, use the help.

Attend Work Nights Out

Getting along with colleagues can help you feel happier at work. If they have your back and you have theirs then work will be a much better and happier environment. Work nights out are vital to this relationship being built because in the office you only talk about work, whereas you can actually get to know one another in a less formal setting.

Bring In Your Own Lunches

If you’re in work every day buying your lunches from the work canteen or the nearby shop you will be spending a lot of money and eating unhealthier, both of which will make you feel more down. Pre-cook your meals to bring in. It saves you time, money and helps you eat better leading to better mental health overall.

Learn To Say No

Taking on too much at work can and will make you much more stressed and tired. If you feel overworked, overstressed and overtired don’t take on more work. Negotiate, if you’re expected to do more work, why not more pay as well? Everything should balance out. More work, more hours, more money. If your employer doesn’t feel this is appropriate, it’s maybe time to start looking elsewhere.

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