In The Mood For Romance? Here’s How To Get It Back In Your Life

November 26, 2019

Romance. It’s the thing the movies and the books all talk about. The reality is very different to being proposed to on the top of the Eiffel Tower with fireworks going off behind you, of course. Romance is filled with joy, happiness, love, lust, sadness, fear, courage – a whole mess of emotions is packed into the motivations behind a little romance. It’s so easy to chase after it – after all, who doesn’t want flowers and dinners and to feel showered by love.

The trouble happens when you have spent time being hurt by those you thought would treat you well. When you finally meet someone perfect via Muslim dating websites, you are reluctant to put your guard down and see the romantic gestures as something beautiful. It happens; we all get hurt, and then we create concrete shields around our hearts. You’re normal, I promise. Thing is, after a while, the guard softens and you really want to let that romance back into your life again. The question is how to do just that, without getting hurt in the long run. 

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  • Firstly, you must prioritize romance. You have to make space for it, even if that space is turning your evening meal for two in front of the TV into a candlelit affair in the dining room. Don’t wait for the romance, make it happen and make time for it to happen.
  • Communicate – and mean it. So, if you love flowers but you’re getting sick and tired of waiting around for flowers, and you’ve become annoyed with leaving out magazines with pictures of flowers, it’s time to talk. You say – and get ready, it’s life-changing – “I like flowers.” That’s all you need to do. If you want flowers and chocolates? Say you like them and mean it. You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll start receiving them!
  • Stop being so afraid to let someone woo you. You may not be used to being spoiled, but some people aren’t your ex. They’re not going to give you things with expectations of what to get from you in return. Instead, they’ll shower you in flowers and trinkets because they saw them and you crossed their mind. They’ll make you feel loved and happy because they really do love who you are. Romance is in there, you just have to allow it to come in.
  • Give it back as much as you can. You love the flowers, but so may he. You love the chocolates, but so may he. Men love romance as much as women do, you just have to know what his “thing” is to make him go all goopy the way you do.

Romance doesn’t just happen. It’s not all sunsets and movie soundtracks. It takes effort, communication, mutual respect and love for it all to come together. Get yourself out there and find someone who wants to bring you flowers – and make sure you’re handing out your fair share of romantic gestures, too. Love happens in an instant – if you let it in enough.

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