Relationship Resolutions Every Couple Should Make

No relationship is perfect. Not even those insanely attractive happy looking couples on Instagram, in fact especially not them! That’s why it’s important to make resolutions, so you don’t stop appreciating each other and the love you’ve found. This can also apply to finding relationships and setting goals as to how you’d like to be treated, how much of yourself you want to give and how you plan on seeking love.

Make Every Day Special

I’m not suggesting that you go out for dinner every night, I’m simply saying that you shouldn’t need a day like Valentines Day to appreciate your other half. Treat them well every day, surprise them often and appreciate the small things they do. Compliment them if they look nice, make them feel special and every day will feel like Valentines day.

Set Regular Date Nights

As stated above, we shouldn’t need a holiday such as Valentines day to treat our other half. It’s important to set date nights so you can remember how you felt the first time you met. Once every month, or even 3 months is enough. Showing appreciation for yourself and your other half is important to stay happy and healthy in your relationship.

Remember To Love Yourself

Have you ever heard someone say that you can’t love someone else unless you love yourself? It’s true, but people forget to tell you that it’s even harder to love someone who doesn’t love themselves. Once you love yourself it’s easier to let someone in. If you are looking to let someone new in to your life you can do that at

Be More Honest With Each Other

Honesty is the glue that holds a relationship together. If you can’t be honest with each other then who can you be honest with? Finding someone you trust inside and out is a tough challenge, but when you do find them you have to cherish them. Trust requires honesty on both sides about every little thing.

Listen To Them More

Listening to your partner will make them feel appreciated and help you get to know them better. Whether you’ve been together for a minute or a year listening is the number one best way you can show appreciation for someone and make your other half feel loved.

Change The Way You Talk About Them

As humans we often fall in to the habit of talking about ourselves of “I” instead of “We”. If you want to keep your relationship on track you need to remember that you are now part of a couple instead of just being on your own it’s important to acknowledge that with everyone you talk to.

Put Your Phones Away

Make a vow to spend at least one day a week phoneless so you can disconnect from the outside world and have special time with just each other. Social media and messaging is a constant distraction as it is, if you’re going to give your all to someone just put your phone away for a day.

Forgive And Forget

Everyone makes mistakes, you have to learn to forgive the small mistakes as well as the big ones. Forgive your other half for napping instead of making you food, forgive them a lazy day and most importantly, forgive yourself for these things as well. Forgetting is vital to this, the worst thing you can do is bring all of the small things up when arguing!

Learn To Be Grateful

Being grateful for your other half could save your relationship. It’s not just about being grateful for the things they do for you, it’s about being grateful that they are in your life altogether.

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