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April 11, 2020
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When starting a blog things can seem very overwhelming. What theme do you use? What font do people like? Never mind the writing! It’s hard to get started out blogging because it’s a whole new world of possibility and learning. However, you may already have a great font you love using that may not be an option for your WordPress theme, this is not an issue.

There is a great range of Plugins you can implement in order to use your own fonts for your blog to get it looking the way you want and I highly suggest that you use them to your advantage in order to have the best website possible because it’s a lot easier and less overwhelming than leaning CSS from scratch! Below I share the top 5 WordPress plugins to use for adding custom fonts on your WordPress site. Please note that these are listed in no particular order and that all views expressed are my own.

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1. WP Google Fonts

WP Google Fonts
WP Google Fonts

The title of this one is pretty self-explanatory, it’s a plugin where you can use google fonts on your website.

You get access to a huge number of google fonts that you can assign to different parts of your website (ie headings, menus, text etc.). The downside is that the plugin doesn’t actually let you preview the font on your site before going live.

One of the good features of WP Google Fonts is that it restricts you to only using 6 fonts, which is a good thing because if you use too many then your website will look messy and not well thought out. Although you can use all of the google fonts with this plugin, you can’t actually use any other custom fonts, so it does restrict you in that sense, but overall it’s a good plugin that will enhance your site.

Not my favorite on the list, but it does a good job with it’s intended purpose.

2. Use Any Font

USe Any Font fonts
Use Any Font

The purpose is in the title once again, this plugin allows you to embed any font in to your website.

For a small donation ($10) you can have access to unlimited activation and unlimited font conversion for a lifetime. The free version is a lot more restrictive only getting you a single activation and a single font conversion, which is fine for a free service but I highly recommend you donate the $10 and get the full service.

Once you’ve signed up you’ll get an API key giving you full access. It’s not the prettiest to use, but the benefits are too great to turn it down. It allows for more than just google fonts giving it a major advantage to the above-mentioned plugin. This plugin allows you to use multiple fonts and assign each font to a specific element (headers, menus, text, etc.) which should be exactly what you’re looking for when finding a custom font plugin.

3. Fontsy

Fontsy fonts

Fontsy is possibly my favourite plugin on the list. It is user friendly, easy to use and free. Using this plugin you can select or upload your font of choice in order to enhance your website. Once again, this plugin is better than WP Google Fonts because it allows you to use more than just the fonts available on Google fonts.

Fontsy also allows you to allocate fonts to specific elements of your website (as the others above do too). This is such an important feature in these plugins because you want to be able to control all font elements on your website and be able to switch it up. If you can’t choose a font, they have over 1300 fonts to choose from so you’ll definitely find one that you like.

I’d highly recommend giving Fontsy a try because it’s an all in one web font management plugin for WordPress that will wow you. It’s a great alternative to Custom Fonts WordPress Plugin.

4. Styleguide

Styleguide fonts

Styleguide is a bit different because it doesn’t just allow you to customise your fonts, but also the colours on your site (on selected WordPress themes). The other great feature Styleguide has is that it lets you preview your site before going live meaning you can perfect the look before pressing “Publish”.

The best thing about Styleguide is that it supports a range of character sets, including Greek, Russian, and Cyrillic. This really makes Styleguide stand out above its rivals and is definitely the biggest selling point of this plugin. Another huge benefit is the fact that it’s been around for roughly 5 years meaning that they’ve managed to get a lot of their faults sorted, ready for you to use to your advantage.

Although this is one of the best plugins, it does have it’s restrictions. It currently only supports 17 WordPress themes and can’t be used by several users at a time. They do have outstanding customer service though! Definitely a winner for a beginner.

5. Easy Google Fonts

Easy Google Fonts
Easy Google Fonts

Easy Google Fonts is one of the less user-friendly ones as the settings page is somewhat difficult to navigate, however, once you get past that this is a great tool for your blog. With thousands of free fonts for you to use and having the bonus of seeing your changes before you publish your site this is a great plugin to install.

This plugin gives you really good control over how you combine new fonts within your site. For each element on your site (headers, text etc.), you can choose a separate font and specify its decoration and weight. You can also add colours, a background colour, font size, letter spacing, and line-height. Not only that, but you can also edit the positioning of your font, including margins and padding all through the Plugin.

With a wide range of fonts and a fairly easy to use system (once you get used to it) that lets you see changes as you make them, this is a strong plugin that allows you to use custom fonts.

So those are my top 5 WordPress plugins to use for custom fonts in your sites. Do you have any you use? Let me know below.

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