AD | How You Can Practice “No Contact” Dating During Lockdown

May 6, 2020

The lockdown currently in place is difficult for us all. It isn’t easy for any of us to lose contact with our family, friends and peers, but it is especially difficult for those who can no longer see their partners and miss dating. For many this will be because the relationship is new or that they just haven’t moved in with each other yet, but there will be some who are still seeking love and looking to find different and safe ways to connect with people now that they can’t meet up physically. Below I share my advice for dating during the lockdown.

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For Those Already Together, But Apart Due To The Lockdown

It will be so hard being apart from your partner, so why not keep the romance alive by utilising your resources.

Use Video Chatting

Sometimes a phone call just won’t do the trick. Make it feel more real by seeing each other instead of just hearing each other. I would make this either a daily thing or maybe every other day depending on whether one of you is still working or not.

Still Have Date Nights

Use videochatting to get all dressed up and make an effort to still date. Whether it’s watching a film together or sharing a meal, enjoy it with each other. A good way to do this is to both watch the same movie and just be in each others company through videochatting. You can make comments based on the movie or just enjoy that your other half is there. You can even cook together using the same recipe and videochat whilst you’re cooking.

Videochat Dating
Videochat Dating

Play Games

There are plenty of apps that allow you to play games whilst on a videochat (Facebook Messenger is one of them) and I suggest that you use it because let’s face it, if you’re speaking every day but aren’t doing much the conversation might get a bit stale. Games are a good way of still enjoying each others company with out losing interest in the boring days we’re all having. Also great for having a laugh with your other half.

For Those Seeking Love

Dating is so hard at the best of times, but when you can’t meet up to see if you have the “spark” it becomes even harder, burt you can still meet people. A good site to meet people on is this Buckinghamshire dating site along with Tinder and Bumble.

Don’t Give Up

It would be so easy to give up and think “This is the worst time to be trying to date”, but you are wrong. People have more time on their hands and if they’re feeling lonely they will be looking for love. On sites like you can still make a connection and find the love of your life.

Phone Call Dating
Phone Call Dating

Try A Phone Call

You may not be ready to video chat with someone you don’t know, but what harm would a phone call do? It’s a good way of getting to know someone without the constant messaging over an app or site. With a phone call you can better understand a persons personality and decide whether you would like to see them through a video call.

Suggest They Join You In A Virtual Quiz

There are a lot of virtual quizzes going around just now and it’s a great idea to utilise them. Why not invite them to be a quiz team with you and discuss the answers via messaging or video chatting (a lot of quiz hosts will mute people during the rounds so video chatting wouldn’t be an issue). This way you get a good idea of how they interact with other people and potentially have fun coming up with the answers with them.

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