Ad | Why You Should Keep Using Dating Sites During Lockdown

May 8, 2020
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A lockdown can have us all feeling a little bit lonely and down. This is especially true for the people who are stuck in their homes by themselves with no one to support them. Where dating sites are normally seen as a way to chat with people then meet up in person to see if you click, these times are different. Below I share some of the reasons why you should continue to use dating sites during these difficult times.

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It Boosts Your Mood

You may be feeling a little down or lonely during the lockdown so finding and chatting to new people may boost your mood a bit (especially if they are complimenting you…). In general, a bit of company, albeit online, will only make you feel better. If someone is mean to you, you can move on to someone who really does give you a mood boost.

People Have More Time

Right now there are likely to be more people seeking love online than normal because we suddenly all have a lot of time to fill. This means that you’re actually more likely to find the person who is right for you on sites like or Tinder. More time to find each other also means more time to chat and really get a feel of someone’s personality.

You Have More Control

Since there is no pressure to meet up with people, you have more control over the entire situation. If you begin to dislike something that someone is saying you can stop replying to them or even block them. If you’re on a video chat and finding the person isn’t for you all you need to do it tell them politely and press the off button, no awkward waiting for a taxi after or walking home in a rubbish mood.

You May Make More Meaningful Connections

Sometimes people do go on dating sites for just sex, this is quite common in today’s culture, but with this lockdown, we have no choice but to base it all on conversation. This means that you’ll truly know the person and their personality before being able to meet them which will make for stronger and more meaningful connections. You can meet some great people on this Aberdeen sex site.

It Will Make You More Creative

Dates are still an important part of dating, but with no physical contact, we have to get a little creative. It’s a great chance to put yourself and the other person to the test when coming up with ideas on how you can make a video chat date or phone date work. You will get a good sense of how creative and sweet this person is making it easier to decide whether you wish to take the relationship further.

No More First Date Anxiety

There may be a little butterfly in your stomach before video chatting with someone, but nowhere near as much as meeting someone in person for the first time. Because you have more control over the situation it helps you to feel at ease. You are in your home, a comfortable space meeting someone with no obligation of taking it any further.

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