(#AD – Gifted) The Positive Planner Review

August 4, 2020
the positive planner

I was very kindly gifted The Positive Planner a few weeks ago to try it out and write a review about it. This is, honestly, the best planner I have ever used because…I actually kept using it! Originally created in 2017 through a crowdfunding campaign started by Ali and Finn, this planner is intended to improve lives. It succeeds in the sense that once you’ve started using it, you don’t want to stop because there are positive affirmations throughout the planner and it really is quite motivating.

My Favourite Part Of The Positive Planner

There is a meal planning section of the planner which I absolutely love. The layout is perfect and it encourages me to eat better and save money in the process by putting a shopping list on the page beside it, so I’m only buying what I really need. It lists each meal, even including a snack before your lunch and before your dinner so you can plan ahead for each day. Meal planning is something I suggest in so many of my posts because it saves you time, money, and a little bit of sanity.

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the positive planner

How They Stand Out

At the beginning of The Positive Planner, there is a selection of mindfulness activities to complete. These include giving yourself a high five, reflecting on who you are, and writing out what you’re grateful for. These are all things you can go back and look at on your hardest days and see that it’s not all bad. This is how they stand out. It’s a planner made by people who have gone through difficult periods with their mental health and truly understand what works. On their website, they describe it as a pa

How They Got It So Right

This isn’t just a planner. The Positive Planner is a way to help you manage your mental health. In a world that is so busy, it encourages you to sit down, take a break and think about what your plan is for the day, how you’re feeling and what your mantra for the day is. It even has glasses of water at the bottom of the page so you can track your water intake (so important!). Then, you are encouraged to reflect on your day in the evening by summing up your day, stating your general mood, and listing three things you did well.

I’d highly recommend The Positive Planner for anyone who suffers from either mental health issues or self-esteem issues. This is because it really is a mood lifter and it’s the perfect way to do what the doctor has inevitably told you to do, track your moods. In a world with so much negativity, we need things to balance it out. This is a great start.

You can grab a copy of the Positive Planner here:

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    I love this! It would be perfect for my work planning! Thanks for sharing!

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