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December 6, 2020
6 ways to ensure your relationship survives Christmas

The festive season can be really taxing on a relationship. Not only are you going to be spending a lot more time together, but chances are (in an ordinary year) you’ll be visiting relatives too. It’s been reported that December 11th is the day of the year that contains most breakups. This is likely due to bad communication, money arguments, and the pressure of meeting/spending time with the other half’s family. So not every relationship survives Christmas, how can you make yours thrive?

The Pressure Points

Before we begin, I want to outline the main pressure points of the season for any relationship:

  • Finances – This is a big one. If you’re in a couple you may have a joint account or share finances in some way which may cause heated arguments.
  • Time – Christmas comes with a lot of expectations and commitments, meaning you may lose track of time and feel the pressure to get things done quickly.
  • Alcohol – Festivities also bring alcohol (even Zoom parties…). As we know, alcohol can bring out the nasty side of us all and too much of it may make the relationship harder to maintain.
  • Family – Whose family do you stay with this year? Do you get on with them? This is likely to bring added pressure to your relationship. If family members are staying with you, this may be amplified.
  • Food – This season brings us the ultimate comfort foods. Mental health is heavily affected by the foods we eat, so eating all of that comfort food may actually make us grumpy or irritable.

So with all of that in mind, what can you do to ensure your relationship survives?

A couple on christmas morning - 6 ways to ensure your relationship survives Christmas
A Couple on Christmas morning

1. Make Plans Early To Ensure Your Relationship Survives

If you know early on where you’re going to be spending Christmas, you’re less likely to fight about it. I always say that you should take it in turns, one year spend it with your family then the next with your partners and so on. This eliminates the cause for argument and makes it easier to plan each year.

2. Carve Out Time For Just Your Relationship

Ensure that you’re still paying attention to your partner. It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind that is Christmas, but to make sure your relationship survives makes time for dates or festive activities to do as a couple. It’s as simple as ordering a takeaway and putting the tree up together, or having a pajama film day together. If you’re alone this Christmas, you can find new love over at dating agency Hampshire and know you’re in safe hands.

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3. Communicate With Your Partner So Your Relationship Survives

Communication is often the downfall of relationships. If you can’t communicate well, you won’t know how your partner is feeling. Take time to ask your other half how their day was, if there is anything you can do to help them, and most of all what they want for Christmas. If you both feel supported and loved, you’re probably going to survive the season. A lot of people struggle to communicate, so if you’re really struggling, seek out counselling or meet someone new if you’re in the Hampshire dating scene.

4. Have The Money Talk

December is a huge financial burden for so many. It will likely be the cause of many arguments if it isn’t talked about at the beginning of the festive season. Of course, it’s easy to overspend on presents and parties, but consider your partner in it all and set spending limits for everything.

A Couple picking out their Christmas tree - 6 ways to ensure your relationship survives Christmas
A Couple picking out their Christmas tree

5. Allocate Tasks

Fighting over chores or present buying is such an unnecessary thing. Make a list and allocate who does what to avoid arguments over avoidable things. You’re both probably going to have to take on unpleasant tasks, so make sure those are allocated evenly and first so you don’t fight over them.

6. Surprise Your Partner To Make Sure Your Relationship Survives

Everyone loves a good surprise. Keep romance alive by surprising your partner with a home cooked meal when they come home from work, or flowers to make their day. Remember that if you surprise them, they’re likely to return the favour. Doing this will ensure that your relationship survives Christmas and beyond.

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