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December 13, 2020
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We’ve all had to adjust this year. Whether it’s with work, travel, or dating we’ve had to adapt to little human contact and virtual meetings or dates. This means we’ve all had to get more creative with our date ideas this year. By now, we’re all running out of ideas and dates are probably off the table, it doesn’t have to be that way. If you live in the Lancashire area or are looking for some date ideas that will work in the pandemic then this list is for you.

Order Food In From A Local Restaurant

This is a nice treat for anyone. Helping support local businesses is vital during this time, and you can have a nice date with great food. So if you’ve run out of ideas, surprise your other half with some gorgeous food (if you live with them). Set up a nice romantic scene on your dining table with candles and truly give them a great experience. It also works if you are having a virtual date because you can both order locally and help keep your locals open.

Put Picnic On Your List Of Date Ideas

Picnics are a classic date. They’re a great way to show off your true personality with less pressure and cost than going to a restaurant. It’s also something you can do in a pandemic. It’s outdoors and you can socially distance yourself. You can go to a local park, or if you’d like to venture a little further you could go to Beacon Fell Country Park in Lancashire or Avenham & Miller Parks where there is a cafe for lunch as well. Lancashire singles can easily and safely meet a prospective partner for a picnic.

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Take An Art Class Together

There are plenty of art classes you can take your date in Lancashire. This is a great unique and fun activity to do with a new person in your life but may cost a bit of money. If you can’t meet in person, COVID restrictions have brought us more and more online classes. From painting to sewing you can find a class that suits all. The only downside is that you would both have to buy the materials for the class and the cost of the class itself. A more expensive date, but definitely worth every penny.

Add Trails And Tours To Your Date Ideas

These are great to do on a socially distanced date because there is no pressure to talk and you can learn at the same time. In Lancashire, there is the great trail of the famous Pendle Witches and learn more about the stories. A fun tour you can do is the Literary Lancaster tour where you can learn more about the stories that were inspired by the city. These are available in most cities and are a cheap, fun way to get to know your date’s interests a bit more. The other great thing is that trails are available all of the time (unless travel restrictions are in place).

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