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December 18, 2020
Nottinghamshire Locals Dating

It’s been a tough and lonely year for all of us. This makes it an interesting time for dating. We’ve had to adapt to a new way of living and dating all over the world. With this in mind, Nottinghamshire locals have probably put off meeting up with potential dates. But they don’t have to suffer! There are things we can do in lockdown to get to know people we’ve met on dating sites or connect with someone we’re already in love with. Below I share some of the quirky dates for Nottinghamshire Locals to go on during a pandemic.

Golfing For Nottinghamshire Locals

Worried about where you can go and still be COVID safe? What’s more socially distanced than golfing? This is a great way to partake in a fun sport and get to know your date well in a relaxed way and maybe get a bit competitive! There is The Nottinghamshire Golf & Country Club where you can book in for golfing. It may cost around £28 per person, but since we can’t do much else, it’s worth a go. Please be mindful of the dress code and double-check any restrictions before heading over there.

Find An Online Cooking Class

This is a fun activity for you both, and you’ll get a great meal afterward. Even if you’re both over zoom as part of a bigger class, you can zoom chat privately as you eat the meal and have a nice chat together. There are plenty of online cookery classes you can take part in, ranging from around £29 upwards. Of course, this means you both being organised enough to get the ingredients before the class, but it’s a good tester to see how excited the other person is for the date.

online cooking class for nottinghamshire locals
Online Cooking

Form A Quiz Team As Nottinghamshire Locals

Nottinghamshire dating doesn’t have to be boring just because you can’t get out very much. There are plenty of online quizzes happening from many different people. Can you think of anything that brings out the best (and maybe worst…) side of people than a quiz? Spending time beforehand coming up with a team name and practicing for the quiz can help bring you together, even if it’s all done through a virtual platform. At the end of the quiz, you can continue your zoom chats by celebrating your win, or getting over your loss.

Play Online Games Together

Plenty of different gaming platforms offer multiplayer games that allow you to talk to each other, however, you and your date may not be big gamers. Facebook messenger offer games within their video chat service. These tend to be silly games that can make you laugh, so a great way to have a good time with your date. However, you can also play board games through online platforms like tabletopia, if they don’t let you chat whilst playing the game just video chat with each other and play a board game online!

These are just a few dates ideas you can do during a pandemic. If you have any other suggestions, please comment them below.

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