• How To Write A Great Cover Letter

    The only thing worse than filling out ridiculously long application forms is writing a cover letter. Cover letters are there for us to tell the employer why we are correct for the job and shouldn’t be dismissed as uneccesary because the cover letter could be the difference between an interview and not hearing back at

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  • How To Be More Proactive

    As humans, we often find ourselves making all of these ambitious and motivated plans that fall through quickly due to “life getting in the way” (or, you know, new Netflix shows…). Whether it’s New Years Resolutions, “New Year, New Me” or simply small promises you make yourself, I share my top tips on how to

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  • A Night Of The Arts

    As many of you will know, I recently went back to university to study Events Management in Edinburgh. As part of my course work myself and my events group will be hosting a “Night Of The Arts”, in the form of a variety show and an exhibition, on April 4th at The Biscuit Factory in

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