• The Most Beautiful Wedding Venues In The UK

    There are so many wedding venues to pick from in the UK, but you don’t want just anywhere for one of the biggest days of your life, you want something spectacular and memorable even if it means a little bit of travelling and a little bit extra money (and of course you want something beautiful

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  • A Night Of The Arts

    As many of you will know, I recently went back to university to study Events Management in Edinburgh. As part of my course work myself and my events group will be hosting a “Night Of The Arts”, in the form of a variety show and an exhibition, on April 4th at The Biscuit Factory in

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  • The Humble Art Of The Headshot

    When actors and models first start out in their careers, they look toward the photographer. They might be the subject, but the photographer plays the window into that person. What’s needed first is a head shot, i.e. just a photograph of the person’s face, hair and perhaps a little of the neck. Everything above the

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