Fading Memories

Cold messages, piercing my heart Knife in your hand, digging deeper I’d leave you, if i were smart But everyone tells me you’re a keeper…



It’s a threat that consumes your life Takes you for a sucker and swallows you up Dangerous and unsafe from strife Poisonous from the day…

Dublin – A Haiku

To Dublin I flew You welcomed me with such warmth Now I’m stuck like glue

Love at first Sight

She greets you with a grin That’s how it must begin Keeping your chin up high Goosebumps appear on your skin   A glance over,…


Your overshadowed emotion Masked by his heartfelt devotion Keeps you striding through the motions Of a creeping demolition 


You find yourself dressed as a witch Hoping things go with no glitch Or, at least, you won’t end up in a ditch Needing a…

Magnetic Mystery

Drawn closer to your air Weakened knees, this isn’t fair As you don’t even care About the love I tend to bare