• How To Cope With Disappointment

    Disappointment can be a hard emotion to cope with, we have certain expectations of how life should go and, well, it often doesn’t go our way. Every new day can bring more disappointment and, unfortunately, it’s a hard thing to avoid. Do you want to know how to cope with disappointment? I share my top

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  • Tips For Settling In To A New City

    As you may know I have recently moved away from my hometown, Aberdeen, for the first time. I’ve moved to Edinburgh, a bigger and more creative city that I was barely familiar with. One of the biggest difficulties I’ve faced is settling in to Edinburgh, although I’m not quite there yet, there are some things

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  • Who Am I?

    I’ve seen a lot of brilliant shows during this years Edinburgh Fringe (Bethany Black: UnwinnableĀ and Sooz Kempner: Super Sonic 90’s Kid being the stand outs) but there is one that has had me questioning myself and where I belong since I saw it which was Dharmander Singh’s show Bollywood and Birmingham to Berlin and Brexit.

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